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Female Hockey Blogs in Vancouver

Friday, October 12th, 2007 — 10:51am PDT
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puck bunnies It’s pretty clear that in blogging males dominate the sports coverage however I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with and reading several hockey blogs run by women in Vancouver and around the province. Heading into the Canucks‘ fourth game of the season here are some of my recommendations for hockey reads, by female bloggers.

First up, I have to give a shout out to Alanah, who is my all-time fave Canucks blogger (JJ is a close second but this post is about the ladies). Aside from being a part of the empire, Alanah covers Canucks-centric information, video, amusing photos, and news with a slice of whole league news on the side. She definitely knows how to get a discussion going through the comments and isn’t afraid to just say what she means. “Chapter 1 of 82: The Story of My Progressive Heart Failure”, “…much of the rest of that night sucked like a hoover “, “Classy stuff, Boulerice. Enjoy your suspension”. (Read more on Canucks and Beyond)

A blog I found through JJ and Alanah is Stick in Rink by Isabella. I thoroughly enjoyed her coverage of the Philly game. “HAHAHAHAHA I’M DRUNK. p.s. Philly sucks damn dirty cheap shotters wtf” (Read more on Stick in Rink)

There’s also Canucks Fangirl who summed up this week’s blowup in a slightly more optimistic manner: “There must have been a reason I paid $13 to watch this game on PPV. There must have been a reason why I PVRed this game. Why??? IT’S BECAUSE THIS WILL BE THE ONLY TIME YOU WILL EVER SEE THE CANUCKS SUCKING THIS SEASON, YOU HAD TO PAY TO SEE IT. YOU HAD TO RECORD IT.” (Read more on Canucks Fangirl)

Local writer/blogger Meg doesn’t have a hockey-specific blog but is truly a fan. Her post about “five things NHL players and women have in common” is pretty amusing: 1. We understand the importance of strategic padding. 2. We’re pretty relieved when any period ends. (Read more on

I also need to mention Loxy who writes on Hot Oil. She’s an Oilers blogger but is local, so I can include her here because I think Oilers fans have already suffered enough. Although we do meet the Oilers tonight and tomorrow and I’m in no position (as a Canucks fan) to get cocky. Over on Hot Oil they have an extremely popular feature called a “hot-off“, pitting Oilers players against each other in “hot or not” fashion. Archives are all on the sidebar and well, this seriously makes me consider something like this for the Canucks although I think we all know who I’d pick this year…

All joking aside, as it’s obvious these women all have a sense of humour, these bloggers all have an excellent knowledge of the sport and a passion for hockey – and hockey blogging. That’s it for now – go update your feeds and blogrolls and stay tuned for the rest of the season.

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  1. alanah says:

    That’s so nice, Rebecca! Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beth says:

    OK, I need to know where I can get those Canuck earrings. NEED. TO. KNOW!!

  3. Miss604 says:

    Hey Beth – I found them on the Shop.NHL website, here’s the link.

  4. Rinslet says:

    Wow. XD I was just jumping around blogs and looked at your canucks tagged entries and never knew you had my blog plugged here.

    Haha thanks. XD

    God… XD That game…

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