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Tonight is the third installment of DemoCampVancouver over at Workspace starting at 5:30pm (400-21 Water Street in Gastown).

Idea people will be presenting innovations on all things ranging from business to charity, high-technology to high-art. The purpose is to encourage a cross-pollination of industries and individuals in hopes that people engaged in unrelated endeavors might provide an enlightening perspective on the presenters concept. [Wiki]

I’ll be setup here (by here, I mean on this post, at this url) with the live blog for anyone who cannot attend or anyone who wants to get links, photos and archives after the fact.

In case you missed DemoCampVancouver01 or DemoCampVancouver02, a rundown of the process can be found on the wiki.

If you plan on attending, sign up or add it to your upcoming events. The live blog will begin this evening (just below this text) and will be timestamped. Simply hit “refresh” every couple of minutes for updated content.

5:30pm – The group is gathering in the main (back) room of Workspace. Always a pleasure to see David Drucker and Phillip Jeffrey at these events.


Thanks to I don’t have to ask anyone for the wifi password – sweet!


5:36pmBoris is giving the rundown (which can be found on the wiki) but ALSO we’re going to see the introduction of BATTLE DECKS. Basically two people will be given a slide deck for a presentation they’ve never seen before and they’ll have to go at it, kinda like “unconference improv”.

  • Each contender is given a 6-page Keynote Presentation on the spot and will present their fabulous, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, mind-blowing business/project/idea/nonsense to the crowd, inspiring us all on whatever it is they are revealing.
  • Think: “Gesture. Flow. Credibility. Jargon.” It will really help.
  • Winner will be professed by crowd applause.
  • The Prize is Excellent.
  • 5:50pm – The 9 presenters who have put their ideas on the board are now giving their 30 second speeches as the field will be narrowed down to 4 for the actual presentations.

    the list

    6:00pm – BATTLE DECKS are up, two people are going head to head before we take the vote on the presenters for this evening. Up first is Mike who is given “Googledogs”. This has become a true testament to his pitching abilities, and ability to take the unknown and turn it into something funny.

    10042007107 10042007108

    The next deck is “USP 2.0″…. “I know what you’re thinking. But it’s not a unicorn, it’s a horse with a sword.” This is the first ever installment of BATTLE DECKS in Vancouver. For the next DemoCamp Boris puts out the call for deck makers and contestants. The winner this time around? The USP 2.0 presentation. The prize? The unicorn.

    6:10pm – Vote time: Which demos will we see tonight?

    raytthenet 6:20pm – Presenting first will be Joe Solomon – RaytTheNet. Rayt uses a sidebar in your browser where you can leave a comment about a website for anyone else that visits that site – anyone that also uses that plugin. It helps to get a message across, start online petitions etc. Boris asks Joe what makes Rayt the plugin to use as we’ve seen models like this in the past. Joe says this is about social change, not about getting rich. It also curbs spam comments within the plugin. Joe also addresses copyright issues ie. Yahoo was upset with another similar program a while back basically saying they were defaming the site. With Rayt, you can also rate the comments and discuss websites in their web portal. How does it make money? They engage non-profits to encourage their supporters to comment on sites regarding causes, the payment to Rayt would come from these organizations.

    10042007112 6:30pm – Second presenter is Kyle Vucko – Indochino. This is a website where you can enter all of your measurements and receive custom made suits, shirts, trench coats and ties. These are made in Shanghai, hence the name of the company/play on words of Indochino. The business has partner tailors in the region and are very confident in their scalability. Question: women’s too? No, but they’re working on it and “women are more picky”. The biggest competition or threat would be if Land’s End or Zara if they decided to go with a model like this. The edge? Price. There are no middle men, and because of the system they have setup, they are confident that it would take a long time for anyone to catch up. Question: what’s the repeatability? Very high, “far more than half” that have bought their clothing have come back for a repeat sale. Question: how long will it take for my custom hot-pink suit to arrive? About 2 weeks, so if we order one now, we should have it for the next DemoCamp.

    6:40pm – Third demo… “I’m 31% normal, does that mean I’m a bad person?” Are you Normal is a Facebook app that is also available outside of Facebook, presented by Kinzin. The concept is to collect this data for fun then to remove it and apply it in an amusing way, outside of the application. You can suggest survey topics, questions etc. Who uses the App? They’re currently at the rate of 1 new user every minute.

    livevote.ca6:48pm – John Boxall and Igor Faletski – Handi Mobility – the fine folks who brought us MyBus (which I now cannot live without) present -“Free SMS/text message voting system. World’s first and homegrown. We all know the concept of voting with your cell phone ie. the whole “American Idol” phone vote system, but this is an innovation… as far as Igor knows, there is no ‘free’ system in the world that exists – usually users pay for text-to-vote. During the presentation they’ve actually initiated a LiveVote, which we call all see on the big screen. DemoCampers are currently voting, for no charge, and we’re seeing the results in real-time. Next time for BATTLE DECKS? We should use LiveVote, eh.

    6:55pm – This brings DemoCampVancover03 to a close, with just a few announcements… upcoming events are: The Vancouver Blogger Meetup, FacebookCamp, MobileCamp, Nitobi Hack Day, Ruby/Rails Meetup and another Launch Party Vancouver. Links for all of those will be up shortly. Right now I need to log out, walk home before it gets too dark, and have some dinner with John (who wished he could be here but couldn’t). Thanks for tuning in!

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    1. Tanya (aka NetChick)Thursday, October 4th, 2007 — 5:54pm PDT

      Wish I could be there… Sounds like fun already! I’m at work, until I head out to the photo class I have tonight in an hour. Have fun! Say hi to everyone for me!

    2. MJ AnkenmanThursday, October 4th, 2007 — 8:07pm PDT

      Thks for live blogging. Great to read what’s going on but I miss the buzz.

    3. Allen PikeThursday, October 4th, 2007 — 9:50pm PDT

      An important aspect of the Battle Decks presentations was that the Keynote presentations weren’t just unexpected – they were hilariously random. Each slide change the audience burst out laughing in anticipation of what the presenter would do with it. Great fun!

    4. Roland TanglaoThursday, October 4th, 2007 — 10:39pm PDT

      thanks for rockin’ the live blog, great writing and summary as usual!

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    6. RossThursday, October 4th, 2007 — 11:16pm PDT

      Thanks very much for the live blogging, summaries, photos etc. But also, thanks for mentioning MyBus – I’d never heard of it and after 30 seconds of using it I think it’s genius.

    7. GrahamFriday, October 5th, 2007 — 6:53am PDT

      Really excellent summary, it feels like a MacCentral live coverage post, but with way more detail. If this gets too popular, we’ll need a new forum, or WorkSpace will need to knock out a few walls!

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