Thursday Morning Link Fest

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Yes, I already did a link fest on Monday morning but after so many ‘long’ posts this week a photo and link laden entry was in order.

  • The GVRD, which will now be called Metro Vancouver should not cause alarm for any of the 21 member municipalities, we’re not going to amalgamate like Montreal or Toronto. But we will join forces in deciding where to put sports stadiums and our garbage. [Surrey Leader]

  • Keira, Duane, and the City
    Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr
  • The ‘Ikea’ of clothing, H&M comes to ‘Metro Vancouver’ today, opening up at Coquitlam Centre. The Swedish retailer is known for taking current runway fashions and then ‘churning them out for the masses’ at bargain prices. (YAY!) [Miss604]
  • Even though I already mentioned the lack of progress of the Sea Wall rehabilitation (and got chastised for criticizing the slow-moving effort) I’m still going to report that it will be another year until it’s fully open again. [CKNW]

  • Bollwitts and the City
    Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr
  • Vancouver is on top of the world again, being named the most livable city in the world by the Economist (UK). Apparently we have ‘problems on the streets’ but since no one really wants to bomb us, that bumps us up in the ranks, go figure. [News1130]

  • West End
    Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr
  • This fall, more people are taking the bus, which is a good thing. But more people are taking, which is a bad thing (as far as traffic and ‘rider experience’ goes) [News1130]. Maybe we should all get electric scooters.
  • Through Derek Miller I found out about the Podcast Awards and although some people don’t believe in ‘awards’ since so many of them can just be bought or ballot boxes can be padded, I was glad to see a fave take away a title.

  • Yours, truly (in Jenny’s shirt)
    Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr
  • Our pal Duane is going away on a nice little trip today so in honor of this we all got together last night, had a pile of food, took some pics for us (and some for Tony), and a great time. The pics throughout this post are all from last night. Bon voyage, buddy!
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    1. Keira-AnneThursday, August 23rd, 2007 — 10:11am PDT

      Thanks for posting the second worst photo of me from the night. Awesome.

    2. Miss604Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 — 10:20am PDT

      Oh but I liked it – with the city and such.. okay I changed it 😛

    3. Uncle DuaneThursday, August 23rd, 2007 — 10:31am PDT

      Did I take that one of you at the bottom? I can’t remember..

      Glad you guys came.. have fun next week, you know, like working and stuff..

    4. JennyThursday, August 23rd, 2007 — 10:59am PDT

      I was wondering where that shirt was !

      Isn’t there like a hurricane or something in that part of the world Duane?

      Last few times I’ve visited H&M I was disapointed , although in March I found a really cool coat (from the Madonna collection) I wanted in the UK but it was over 40pounds and couldn’t justify the expenditure.

      Hopefully the prices will be more Canadian friendly.

    5. Miss604Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 — 11:53am PDT

      Duane – no, Keira did, but it’s on your Flickr

    6. Uncle DuaneSaturday, August 25th, 2007 — 11:08am PDT


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      […] Metro Vancouver, fka the GVRD is hurt and displeased with its google rank and is in need of some serious SEO help. […]

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