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Monday Morning Link Fest

Monday, August 20th, 2007 — 9:50am PDT
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I avoided the computer for most of Sunday because Saturday’s live blogging of Barcamp not only obliterated my finger tips due to typing for 8 hours straight but also the family went to the PNE.

My sister, the kids and my mother all packed up the car and met me at The Fair. We had a good time, saw the pig races, Superdogs and motorcycle kid in the ‘sphere of death’. We also got to pop in on Uncle John who was working at a couple of the broadcast booths. It was nice to spend the afternoon with everyone but a) I’m tired of being yelled at by people wearing microphones strapped to their chins and b) $7 donairs and burritos – boo!

Due to the very eventful weekend I’m going to laze-out and present a couple interesting links in classic link love fashion.

  • Everything in Coal Harbour and in the West End smells like burnt rubber due to a barge fire at the Vancouver Dry Docks on the North Shore [News1130]. This affects the Second Narrows Bridge (aka Ironworker’s Memorial), in case you didn’t have enough traffic woes coming from South Surrey with Hwy 99 closed from 8th to 32nd [News1130]. But this isn’t a traffic blog (even though watching the traffic cams can be fun), so we’ll move on.
  • After Barcamp, and after John was done work, we met up with John Biehler to go see the Simpsons Movie (finally). It was sold out for the earlier show so that just left more time to drink and geek out over his iPhone before the next showing.
  • John and John and the iPhone

  • At Barcamp on Saturday Tanya called me a geek. I took no offense since she’s the one with the blog that’s turning ten years old very soon. That’s right, TEN years, wowsa! I’ve been reading her site, for a couple years now and am looking forward to many more. It features personal content such being a single chick in the city, life in Vancouver, a mid-week socializing game that interacts with readers, and more. Congratulations Tanya! [NetChick]
  • Speaking of Barcamp and inspiring Vancouver techie ladies, I got to spend a little more time with podcasters Airdrie and Kerry-Anne from Lipgloss and Laptops podcast. The photo below is us representing the “X” chromosome at the highly male populated tech event and in the podcasting realm.

  • Photo credit: Kerry Anne on Flickr

    Warren Frey being kind enough to listen to me ramble about something.
    Photo credit: Kerry Anne on Flickr
  • I’ve been keeping a post active since February regarding speculation about the new Canucks logo. You can head there to view the latest rumours and updates although John Biehler actually found some new merchandise on sale in Gastown, although its authenticity is questionable. [John Biehler]
  • Dan Lilly is back from Bolivia and if you haven’t gone over to his Flickr to view some of the pictures he took… you really really should. [Zonaboy on Flickr]
  • Shout out to Jennie Roth, whom I met at Matt’s Las Vegas show, attended PodCamp Pittsburgh this weekend and was amazed at how small a world it is when it comes to blogging and podcasting – it’s all about being connected and social media networks, glad to see her becoming a part of it all. [37Roses]
  • And finally, since my somewhat live blog wasn’t entirely complete, check out the following other sites for Barcamp Vancouver 2007 recaps: Boris Mann, Jordan Behan & his Flickr, Jason Barnes, Derek Miller’s Flickr, Phillip Jeffrey’s Flickr, and Lee LeFever.

  • Photo credit: tyfn on Flickr

    Again, all photos from the event can be found on Flickr under the tag Barcampvancouver07.

  • Last but not least, Tod Maffin did his Friday night episode of live from our event at the Alibi Room. Yours truly makes an appearance at around the 11:30 minute mark.
  • Current contests on


    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey thanks for the shout-out, Rebecca! I meant the ‘geek’ reference in the best way possible, of course! Hell, you are right, I’m the biggest girl geek around, I think!

      It was great to have the female vibe present at BarCamp on Friday night, although I wished more of us girl bloggers/podcasters would have joined us…

      Have a terrific Monday!

    2. Jennie says:

      Thanks for the link love!

    3. Keira-Anne says:

      That’s a whole lotta link love. I’m almost overwhelmed at it all! I will blog tonight – I promise. It’s been two days. Yikes!


    4. Zona says:

      Thanks for the link. Use any of my photos anytime.

    5. Jenny says:

      I think I have a junk food hangover from all the goodies.

      When we sat down to watch the superdogs Alexis said ‘hey remember when there was 183 screeming girls?’ (refering to the Duff concert)and rolled her eyes. It was pretty funny considering I caught her shouting ‘jump!’ later on in the show.

    6. Miss604 says:

      I caught her clapping and smiling too ๐Ÿ™‚ . Who needs Duff when you have a Yorkshire terrier doing loopy loops around a track at a coliseum.

    7. Did you and John like The Simpsons movie?

    8. Miss604 says:

      It didn’t blow my mind but it was a nice 1.5 hour-long episode ๐Ÿ™‚

    9. Kerry Anne says:

      It was nice hanging with you and working the door with you too, Rebecca. There were definitely more girls at Barcamp this year.

    10. Well, let’s face it ๐Ÿ˜€ you have seen the whole 18 seasons. For me it was like “wow, this is so cool!!!” But I am glad you thought it was a nice 1.5 hour-long episode.

    11. Miss604 says:

      I mean that in the best way possible, I’m totally a fan through and through ๐Ÿ™‚

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