Matthew Good Private Las Vegas Show

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Update: View the Live Blog here

This Friday, June 29th I will be in Las Vegas hanging out with Matthew Good and about 20 lucky individuals, getting a private performance and preview of the forthcoming album, Hospital Music.

Photo credit: Dan Lilly on Flickr

I’m in Las Vegas for a month, I might do a little campfire thing without amplification, etc, sort of like I did when I left my old apartment… Like last August’s apartment show I will have to limit the number of people, so if you’re seriously interested then best to respond as soon as you’re able. We can make it a bit of a pool party, I’ll play some tunes, and maybe even preview some of the new release. Being that it’s in the high 30’s during the day, I’ll most likely do it in the evening when it cools off a bit. As for the date, I was thinking of doing it on my birthday, the 29th []

I will be live blogging the event, similar to the show last August in his living room [Miss604]. I must admit, warm, humid, desert air sitting by a pool doesn’t exactly scream “pick up a laptop and blog”, but this is just what I do, eh? I’d love to share this experience with the web via my blog and to those Matthew Good fans that cannot attend. He will also be streaming Hospital Music on his website that day, from start to finish, so everyone can have a listen.

Check back here on Friday evening (June 29th), I hope to have photos up – probably taken with my camera phone (since it’s easy to bluetooth them over for blogging purposes) and hopefully some awesome shots captured by Duane Storey as well (read his post about the trip here). All you have to do when reading a live blog is refresh the page, as I’ll be editing and re-editing the same post (same url) all evening. Comments will also be open.

Update: The first single “Born Losers” is available today on iTunes Canada []

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  1. fotoeinsTuesday, June 26th, 2007 — 8:35pm PDT

    Congratulations! Have fun, please say hi to the M of G from the other side of the globe, and stay cool in the midst of mid-40s C.

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