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Friday, February 2nd, 2007 — 11:12am PDT
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What makes a blog popular? Is it your Technorati rating? The amount of comments you have? Daily hits, visits and links? Who knows, but it seems like people always like making lists. Lists for top things you should know, like and support. But who really is the ‘real’ source on what’s the best or not?

Gus Greeper (one of the most interesting local bloggers I’ve ever met) directed me toward this list of Top Smart Female Bloggers in Canada, 2006.

Aside from Raymi I haven’t heard of one of them. It’s not like I’m looking to be on the list, but either I’m really sheltered for not knowing a single other person on there or the author is limiting their choices to a select market.

As Raymi writes:

“i’m not shocked at being ignored amongst these people’s lists, funny, i am suppose to be canada’s #1 blogger yet i’m not “smart” ? i didn’t know that if you wanted to be smart you had to acknowledge progressive media and politics and write boring dribble daily. lame.”

Exactly. My daily reads are on my sidebar blog roll. They range from Yvonne in California talking about daily life, to Maktaaq blogging about zombies and hamsters. If I feel like directing some link love to some choice reads, I’ll do so, but I won’t go around ranking people. There are as many “top blogger” lists out there as there are awards shows in Hollywood, it gets redundant, tired and old fast.

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  1. gusgreeper says:

    agreed. i love my reader base. LOVE them and most i’ve had since i started i have my favorite blogs but i would never want to hurt anyones feelings posting my favorites plus there’d be more than ten….if people want to do their own though fine, but really unless they are your own as i said on raymi’s then shut it.

  2. mel says:

    I generally don’t take technorati or lists or awards too seriously… but I do like finding new female Canadian bloggers so thanks for the sharing the link!

  3. zanstorm says:

    Technoranti is a joke. It is a linking joke. Blogtopsites rates blogs by visits and unique visitors which to me, is a better sign of success. But besides that appealing my competitive side, I really don’t have much use for ranks.
    Not to sound too much like a cheeseball, Rebecca, but you should be on the top female bloggers list. I always check your blog out because you write great content. That is the best blog in my opinion: one that sparks readers’ interest and keeps them coming back.
    The Canadian Blog Awards was/is a pretty sweet concept as well. Let readers have the say on who is the best!

  4. colleen says:

    I’m always on the lookout for new canadian blogs – they’re hard to find and like mine, you only sometimes know if you’re reading a canadian blog vs one from… anywhere else. Part of that, I admit, is intentional – I had a run in with a client and my old site – but i find that unless I’m talking about something specifically vancouver, it’s kind of 6 of 1 whether people know where I am or not. i’ve got a weird wide readership if only because i read a bunch of random blogs and try and remember to comment on them as well….

  5. Bradley says:

    When Brad blogs, people flock.

  6. Miss604 says:

    Yes Brad, your big debut is about to happen. Are you prepared for the fallout instant fame?

  7. Bradley says:

    FAO Miss604: If i wanted to hear from a butt i would fart ok?

  8. Miss604 says:

    You’re a lovely addition to the blog, Bradley. And you also made me Google “FAO” to find out “WTF” it meant ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Maktaaq says:

    Wow, thanks for reading me!

    Yours is one of the blogs I always check on Bloglines (the others can wait). As for top ten lists, I just see them as a way to discover some new blogs. Off to check them out!

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