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Saturday, February 24th, 2007 — 10:38am PDT
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We left the house this morning and it immediately started to snow. In all the rush of preparing for the trek to UBC we forgot to check the weather. It’s pretty chilly although flowers are already starting to bloom in the city. After 3 bus connections and running into a few fellow MooseCampers we arrived the Forestry Services Centre. It’s a lovely building full of MacBloe-esque charm and about 300 bloggers.

Photo credit: Audihertz on Flickr

The keynote was the first item on the agenda. Anil Dash gave a talk on Making Change Happen with Your Blog. He really drove home the fact that we’re not just typing into thin air – there is impact, there is change, there are memories and (sometimes unfortunately) everything is logged. He spoke of how our priorities change, well not so much priorities but what we value… family heirlooms to meaningful text messages. It hit close to home because I have a text message on my phone from 2005 when John made his first ever trip to Vancouver to visit me, all the text says is “here”.

It was a great presentation and after 1 coffee I’m warming up and feeling a little more alive. It’s freezing cold in here (although the opened-toed shoes I’m wearing really don’t help) so I’m sure I’ll wake up after this next session. We’re in “Blogging 101” with Richard Ericksson, chit chatting to Cosmo from the Clubside Breakfast Time podcast.

I’ll add some pics later. I’m so Mac illiterate, it ain’t even funny. I’m sitting here watching John and others blog or take notes on their laptops – it’s like the end of one big Doogie Houser episode. Time for coffee #2…

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  1. Rebecca,

    We enjoyed chit-chatting with you and John during the conference. My only regret is that we were so busy with activities, we didn’t get to make any podcasts while we were there. I certainly hope to get more time for “fun making” next time we come up.

    Cosmo (and Dingo too!)

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