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Saturday, February 24th, 2007 — 11:21pm PDT
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Up until this weekend, an image of me in my bikini was my most viewed Flickr photo. It was taken this summer after some lovely time in the sun… or was it before some sun? Hmm.

Recently, I’ve been posting photos taken at Northern Voice, with the universal Flickr tag “nv07“. My photos have all been tagged appropriately and my feed (including my Flickr pics) has been added to Planet NV. This has lead to a dramatic increase in traffic, due to everyone posting and browsing photos taken this weekend. This also leaves my personal rankings e.g. most popular photos etc. totally outta whack.

As of tonight, my MOST viewed Flickr photo is of Tod Maffin standing in front of Radio Canada‘s nightly news cameras (bumping my bikini pic to #2). No offense to Tod but is there something wrong with this picture?


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  1. Duane says:

    Same thing happened to me, only without the bikini. I took a photo of Kris Krug in photocamp on Friday, and it’s up to 3897 views..

  2. Miss604 says:

    wowsa – yeah… I guess I’m still pretty much a Flickr rookie – glad there’s NV exposure though and well, Tod’s tour of the CBC was really great 😛

  3. A good number of my most popular photos aren’t even ones I’ve taken.

  4. zona boy says:

    A couple of descriptive tags and that bikini pic would make a serious comeback for the lead over that other “geekville” photo.

  5. Same thing here. I took one of Kris at MooseCamp, and it shot up to 3800+ views already. No idea why, either. Maybe some site used the images on an article? And NOBODY wants to see me in a bikini.

  6. Yeah, one of my most popular for a long time was this:

    Then it was replace by fallen trees. Now with NV, that’s been all shot to hell.

  7. Miss604 says:

    Dan: I wouldn’t know what other kinds of tags to add, really

    John: You’ll be seeing that image today when we go out – which reminds me, I gotta get my sappy “happy anniversary” post up 😛

  8. Tod says:

    It’s because under my clothes, I was wearing a bikini.

  9. GZ Expat says:

    I gotta agree with John. Cleavage AND Beer…its a winner.

  10. wyn says:

    Are you (subconsciously) trying to get that bikini pic back to the top? There’s a link to the bikini’s Flickr photo page but no link to Tod Maffin’s Flickr photo page.

  11. Bradley says:

    i think she tagged the infamous bikini pic secretly with “britney, shaved, head” to bump it back up to #1

  12. Miss604 says:

    The bikini pic is now down to #7.

    Wyn: The Tod/CBC pic is still at the top and it’s on a blog post on my main page… do I have to give it more exposure? hehe 😛

  13. J.J. says:

    Give what more exposure?

  14. Mort-y says:

    I realize I am a day late, but….I wish you and your hubby all the best for your First Wedding Anniversay. Lots of Love and Happiness for many, many years together.

  15. a cute girl-next-door-photo alway sells 🙂

  16. Mayhaps the UBC “proxy” servers were having issues, and reloading the pictures due to “border control router” munging out at the number of connections. the numbers seem out of whack, considering the lack of responses on the high-hit NV/MC photos.


  17. Miss604 says:

    Update – the bikini pic is number 1 by 18 views 😀

  18. […] of Radio-Canada TV cameras and wooden ducks in the bowels of the CBC bunker have become some of my most-viewed Flickr photos […]

  19. […] February Tod Maffin’s photo outranked one of me in a bikini on my Flickr photo stream. This year, he was nominated as one of Wired’s “Sexiest Geeks […]

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