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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 — 2:25pm PDT
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Last night before heading out for a little bit of birthday dinner, my sister and I met up with Bill Lin from The Amazing Hunt to sign some forms and get more info for our team.

I’ve talked about the race in the past on some of my other sites, since I’ve been an Amazing Race fan since episode 1 season 1, and blogger for almost a year now. My friends and I are huge fans of the show, we provide recaps and sometimes live blogs of episodes to make sure no one misses out on the reality show’s global race.

The Amazing Hunt is a local version of the race, complete with Yields, Detours and Road Blocks [about]. Bill’s been running the event every couple of months since 2004 and people love it. When you register you can chose to participate in the event closest to you – from Richmond, Surrey and even Victoria etc. and there’s even a family edition [register]. For several hours you’re competing just like the Hippies.

Mothers, sons, dating couples, athletes, this race attracts as many diverse participants are its primetime TV twin [teams].

You can also book races for your office as a team building event. There are 3-hour and 5-hour varieties to chose from [booking].

My sister and I signed up for the latest race taking place January 27th, 2007. This one is a foot race only (some of the other races this year will involve cars), and it will last about 7 hours with a pit stop or two along the way. We’re REALLY excited about doing the race, not only being fans of the show for so long, but we’re both really competitive (and know this city like the back of our hand).

You can view individual race footage on YouTube – Amazing Hunt and below is the 2007 promotional video montage.

My sister’s biggest fear is that in the video footage they may edit to make us look “flakey”. What? Two blond chicks from Surrey? They wouldn’t do that. We’re gonna kick butt! If you are participating in any of the races this year, check out the Amazing Hunt blog 24 hours before your event for special info.

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  1. wyn says:

    My big question is… what’s the prize for the first-place finishers?

  2. Bill Lin says:

    Thank you Rebecca for posting this blog. It was a pleasure to meet you and your sister. Hopefully, The Amazing Hunt can have a female-female winning team this time.

    To Wyn, regard your question, the prize for the first place finishers will become eligible in competing in the championship which is currently scheduled on November 17 2007. And for the winning team in the championship race, they will receive a cash prize.

  3. Adelaide says:

    Hey, good luck to you and your sister. Looooove the AMAZING RACE, although I do think the past seasons’ contestants have been getting more boring lately.

    Totally have heard about the Local version of AMAZING RACE. Sometimes they show footage of teams on the news, or on the Shaw channel. You two do something crazy, and I’m sure they’ll air it {lol} I’ll keep my eye out for you two. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Jenny says:

    We are the team to beat… granted I don’t know who the others teams are yet…but ya !

  5. Sandy says:

    I am SO glad you’re doing this! I’d love to do it one day (or the other one, Navigate the Streets) when we’re in Vancouver – Ben and I would totally lose, though. Still fun.

  6. […] Today my sister and I were supposed to participate [604] in The Amazing Hunt, it would have been a lovely day for it but Executive Producer Bill Lin had the right idea in mind when he postponed today’s race a couple of weeks ago. There were power outages, winds destroying forests, sleet and snow pelting the West Coast. Bill called to let me know of the race postponement and that it will now be held on February 10th. Little did we all anticipate, today turned out to be quite lovely. […]

  7. […] As previously noted, my sister and I are racing in The Amazing Hunt tomorrow [Miss604]. It’ll be a foot race for a couple hours around Vancouver complete with all the bells n’ whistles you’ll find to the CBS version (Yield, Detours, camera people, matching shirts and spazzes). […]

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