Sunday Skytrain Pet Peeve

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We had somewhere to be today. We don’t own a car and our little feet can only take us so far in this vast expanse known as the Lower Mainland. We had to be in New Westminster and we were right on time when we got to Burrard Station. I went to purchase tickets but the kiosk’s display flashed “Cash Only”. Well sh*t! I only had plastic.

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No credit, no debit. Going to an ATM was not an option either so we were pretty much screwed. With somewhere to be, we walked 10 minutes toward the next Skytrain station to try our luck then realized, we’re going to be SO late. We’re going to get pissed off, annoyed, rushed, trying to plug in our $4.50 each way and we’re just going to be late. I hate being late. I also hate when all 8 ticket booths at one Skytrain station are not functioning correctly. It’s some form of entrapment I’m sure. They want us to breeze through the Fare Paid Zone without tickets. They always have transit cops meandering through the cars on Sundays as well – as if we’re going to chance it riding all the way to the end of the line without fare.

This used to happen to me when I would commute in from Surrey during the week. All booths at Gateway (on upper and lower level) would be either a) cash only or b) card only. Of course it was always the one that I didn’t have available. It’s like they know.

A solution would be to carry cash, which I rarely do or to get myself a 1 Zone monthly pass. This would get me to and from work, and on Sundays your pass (doesn’t matter which Zone) becomes a family pass. You can bring on 2 kids and 1 other adult with you with one pass. I think I’ll do this for February but in the meantime, I’m going to let this morning’s annoyance fester. I’ll be cursing the system under my breath until they do something to redeem themselves in my book, of course.

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  1. BradleySunday, January 28th, 2007 — 10:18pm PST

    so not impressed with you…….. jk

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