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There was a conspicuous lack of holiday/seasonal/festive/Christmas cards arriving at my house this year. In years past, cousins, friends-of- the- family, distant relatives, etc.. would send these greetings via the post sometime late November or early December. I’d estimate that although most people these days have done away with this tradition we would still get at least a dozen or more every year.

This being the first Christmas that everyone was aware that my husband and I split up, we received 2 cards in the mail. One from the CEO of the company I work for and the other from my lovely Mother (I see her several times a week anyway but she’s so thoughtful).
Jenny and her babies
Apparently my 3 kids and I do not constitute a family or one worthy of a Hallmark wish. Although the laughter and joy and utter chaos of our loving and now happy household abounds, we were skipped on the list this year. 2006 proved to be the most challenging and rewarding year of my life. There is nothing like being the subject of rumour, being shunned by the family you’ve always put first and being on the receiving end of endless verbal (among other) attacks and in the end holding no grudge, no bitterness and no anger.

Although the cards from people who never call to see how the kids are doing or how we are making out on our own never arrived, they are certainly not missed. Because in the end, we are doing just fine, better then fine. We are great and we sincerely hope that they all are too.

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Guest contributor Jennifer Miles is a mother who loves being active with her family of seven. From camping, baseball, swimming, and day trips, she's a power-mom with a passion for BC living.

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  1. Miss604Thursday, December 28th, 2006 — 7:28am PST

    Now I feel like crap for not sending you a card. But I did colour with your babies and make snowflakes and paper dolls out of my printer paper while you napped on the couch, sporadically being pounced by a 2 year old with pen on his face.

    Edit / Ethan: “Ooooh a robot! [robot voice] I am going to kill Grandma!”

  2. LoLo D.Thursday, December 28th, 2006 — 8:20am PST

    I feel like crap, too. 🙁 I forgot to send all the kiddies Christmas cards this year. I meant to and I remembered in November but I forgot in December. I didn’t even send any to my nieces, nephews, brother or godchild. I promise to do better next year. 🙁

  3. BradleyThursday, December 28th, 2006 — 4:46pm PST

    Bitter or WHAT? sheesh

  4. Miss604Thursday, December 28th, 2006 — 6:12pm PST

    As if she’ll smile for you now, Bradley. Pffft.

  5. Mort-YThursday, December 28th, 2006 — 10:00pm PST

    I’m sorry to say that all our lives are apparently not as perfect and satisfying as little Bradley’s. God bless you, Brad honey, and Merry Christmas! Pffft!

  6. VinceSaturday, December 30th, 2006 — 5:23pm PST

    I did send you one but I might have labeled it to Miss778. Can you get it on your cell.? 😉

  7. JennySaturday, December 30th, 2006 — 10:34pm PST

    Ummm.. I think I was talking about cards in the mail but thanks anyway Vince 🙂

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