Year in Review, 2006

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Year-in-review posts, shows and programs are all around us this time of year. I was cruising my daily blog reads and on rilah rumbles she lists the titles of the first posts of each month all year long. I figure this is the type of year in review I’d like to copy do myself since 2006 was (and continues to be) a doozy. Oh yes, and I especially like looking back at my posts all formatted in Blogger… with their misaligned photos and oddly placed div tags. So here are the first posts, January to December, along with a bit of detail about blog-worthy events each month.

January – First Post: first and 365

outside shot - wedding February – First Post: there’s a room where the light won’t find you / Also noteworthy in February, our first Vancouver Podcasters meetup and oh yeah, we got married.

March – First Post: the luckiest. I did a LOT of hockey blogging in 2006, seems like March was a big month for that. Although since my posts from my Blogger days aren’t categorized, the only way to sort through all the hockey content (from the spring) is via my

It was also a time when I told a brewery that their website had an error so they sent me free stuff.

April – First Post: we communicate by semaphore / I wrote one of the first posts I actually planned to write (about the 9 o’clock gun), went to the Mates of State concert, International Noise Conspiracy show, then ran the Sun Run with my laryngitis.

May – First Post: abnormal commute / We met David Suzuki at the CBC Radio One Book Club.

BarCamp Vancouver June – First Post: title and registration / We met Douglas Coupland in June, he wrote “To John from Iowa, Doug.” in our copy of City of Glass.

July – First Post: we’re just thirrrsty, eh / I joined Metroblogging, good times

August – First Post: black holes & revelations / I started winning a lot of things in August. After the CBC meetups with David Suzuki and Douglas Coupland earlier in the year, I won prize packs and the chance to live blog a milestone in Canadian music history with Matthew Good. Barcamp was also that same weekend – it was perfectly geeky and fun.

Matt Good's Acoustic Show in his Home September – First Post: my ride’s here… / Had a great time meeting the folks at the Vandigicam Flickr group and I was dubbed a “blogebrity” by a local newspaper. also turned two.

October – First Post: my nickname is cubby / The month in which I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, we interviewed Aberdeen City and started up The Crazy Canucks podcast with a great group of Vancouver hockey bloggers.

November – First Post: The Crazy Canucks – Episode 5 / Also, the interview with Jim from Sparta happened this month.

December – First Post: Special Days / We had The Cloud Room interview with J by (email) as well.

I spent some time with some really cool people this year. My in-laws and some of John’s friends when we got married, local podcasters, bloggers (most of which have been added to my blogroll over the course of the year) and even some famous, yet down to earth musicians. We’ve been really lucky to be able to enjoy this past year together. I know I say this a lot, and I can’t wait til it happens so I can stop saying it but… maybe just maybe… John will get his resident status approved by our fateful government in (early) 2007.

So long 2006, you saw me increase my blogging, go through numerous theme changes, and my sister started to contribute (post tag: sis604). 2006 almost gave me 10 heart attacks, from planning a wedding to job and finance woes to the reshaping my family. It wasn’t a very prosperous year by any means and thus it kept me in a constant stressed out emotional rollercoaster-esque state. It wasn’t all bad, and even the bad stuff wasn’t horrible cause man, we did have some good times didn’t we.

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  1. zona boySunday, December 31st, 2006 — 8:47pm PST

    What a good looking couple. I remember those days. All the best to you two for the coming year.

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