Vancouver Canucks Op Ed is Ending Just like Chelios' Career Should

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The Vancouver Canucks Op Ed blog will be shutting down this week.

Thank you to everyone for the support, the fun, the comments, the emails, the friendship, the entertainment, the madness… it’s all been a blast. But after 1,321 posts and 3,471 comments from readers (since January 2006 — I lost all the comments of previous years when I transferred the website) it’s time to say goodbye to VCOE and try something new. [VCOE]

Archives will be up indefinitely but there’s something a little more enticing on the horizon for author/owner/creator/superwoman Alanah.

I’ve been reading VCOE for quite a while now. John and I were such fans that we thought it would be great to interview Alanah (the non-drunk, perfectly sane woman behind the blog) for an episode of RadioZoom. After getting to know her and the blog a bit better, we all embarked on a little project with a couple more hockey bloggers, called The Crazy Canucks Podcast (which she will continue to be a part of).

Alanah’s known for her liveblogs, amazing blog-a-thon feats, knowledge of the league, the teams and intimate knowledge of the players (e.g. did you know Patrick Roy used to do ballet?). Full of laughs, facts, discussions (heated or silly) the blog’s been a Vancouver hockey staple since it began.

Alanah isn’t ending her hockey blogging career, in fact the biggest and most exciting part is just about to begin. Tune into The Crazy Canucks Podcast this week and she’ll tell us all about it.

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  1. alanahMonday, December 11th, 2006 — 4:52pm PST

    I am never going to drink again. I’m going to have the cleanest reputation in hockey blogging when I move to my new blog — a fresh start!

    (Sadly, none of the previous statement is actually true…)

  2. KeithMonday, December 11th, 2006 — 10:34pm PST

    Your contributions to the Vancouver hockey scene will be missed Alanah, I’ve been an avid reader since I found VCOE through this site many months ago.

    Looking forward to hearing your plans for the future.

  3. Miss604Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 — 9:57am PST

    Alanah’s first big story is up on Kukla’s right now 🙂

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