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Nothing spectacular has been happening. Basically over the last two weeks I’ve just been going to work and coming home again, one day more tiresome than the next. Occasionally we’ll catch a Canucks game and do a podcast and since things are pretty tight around here I haven’t even begun my Christmas shopping. I haven’t event been walking home along Robson so I’m completely unaware of any madness (or more madness than usual).

I also have 2 weeks off at the beginning of January and we have no idea what to do. We’d like to ice skate again at the West End Community Center, and I’m determined to get John up a mountain to snowboard. Only drawbacks being he doesn’t have any gear (not even snow pants or jacket) and he still doesn’t have BC Medical due to his resident status. However, he does have extended medical through my work. How we managed that, I haven’t the foggiest.

At any rate, there are a couple webby things that I wanted to mention cause it’s my Friday and I feel like a little link fest.
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First a little housekeeping. While I am in the midst of adding categories to my Blogger posts (anything before the WordPress switch was masked and tagged only as “Blogger”) I’m noticing some of my old links are not valid. Apparently Blogger would remove “the” in any title. I’m not changing the post slugs, since WordPress has it right – what I’m doing is looking up those that don’t work and applying appropriate categories so at least they’ll be searchable in that way.

John’s post about the music being played at hockey games has been one of his most-commented to date [audihertz]. Everyone seems to have an opinion and taste when it comes to arena tunes and crowd pumping beats. Head over there if you’d like to add your two cents.

For anyone who caught RadioZoom #121, John and I found out where the WWI memorial was in Stanley Park and of course we both went “OH RIGHT! Duh!”. It’s near the artists circle, where the park meets the Aquarium on the West side. I found a lovely photo (above).

If you’re a fan of The Cloud Room and have been on their website lately, you’ll see there’s a lovely link back here in their news section. Very cool.

From a co-worker, Christopher Walken‘s 12 Days of Christmas

May the two beautiful turtle doves, enclosed, enliven your Second Day of Christmas. I have recorded their mournful songs on a compact disc, also enclosed, so you will understand why I found it necessary to smother them. These birds—these birds could drive you fu*&ing crazy [Cracked].

Fans of the Vanmega mixtape can get an entire year in review by ordering the Vanmega 2006 Audio Almanac.

I am now hooked on Tod’s Secret Nerd Tips. The secret is these are not in fact secret but they’re still pretty good [InsidetheCBC].

A very sad, sobering look at what kind of aid the world prefers to put their money into, courtesy of a photo on Matthew Good’s Flickr (via the BBC)

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  1. [email protected]Thursday, December 14th, 2006 — 6:14pm PST


    Wanted to send some empathy (or sympathy?) your way with regards to your current stage of Christmas shopping. With only 11 shopping days (and tonight) left (OMG!) I too have yet to make any headway.
    Coincidentally my wife is not only finished shopping, but wrapping too – a fact she constantly rubs in my face…
    At any rate, best of luck! And Happy Holidays to you and John!

    ~ [email protected]

    Also, don’t ask me why an Albertan is enthralled by your blog; I followed a link over from Mr. Good’s page and somehow you ended up bookmarked!

  2. Miss604Saturday, December 16th, 2006 — 7:40am PST

    We made a pretty good dent in the list yesterday and I’m hoping to complete it today. That just leaves our gitfs for each other hmm…. :p

    Glad you like the read (Albertans are always welcome, especially when we can manager to beat your hockey teams…hehe) Happy Holidays!

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