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Vancouver Canucks Op Ed is Ending Just like Chelios' Career Should

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The Vancouver Canucks Op Ed blog will be shutting down this week. Thank you to everyone for the support, the fun, the comments, the emails, the friendship, the entertainment, the madness… it’s all been a blast. But after 1,321 posts and 3,471 comments from readers (since January 2006 — I lost all the comments of […]

Hometown Sunday

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Since we’re spending the afternoon in Surrey I thought I would do a little more than list links to various charitable organizations in Vancouver. The Surrey Food Bank serves over 13,000 people a month, many of them children, and it is in dire need of food and donations. You can donate in person between 8:00am […]

Ralphie for President

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Last weekend we brought our Christmas box up from storage. We unfolded all 3 feet of our fake plastic tree (since we’re not allowed real ones in our building) and setup various kitschy decorations around the house. I came across the Ralphie [imdb] doll my mom gave to me last Christmas. Complete with bunny suit […]

The Metroslave & The Vancouver Blogging Females

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My Metroblogging T-shirt arrived today. Being a shiny new City Captain, I’m just getting my feet wet and getting used to a few more responsibilities. Being privy to about 30 emails a day on the worldwide captains email list isn’t the most lovely thing for my inbox but it is interesting to see what’s going […]

Interview with J from The Cloud Room

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Just over a week ago I made a post about New York rockers, The Cloud Room -more specifically a fire in lead singer, J’s apartment [ms604]. After getting in contact with J he was nice enough to answer a couple questions from this blogger and fan. You’ll have to pardon the formulaic questions, if you’re […]