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I was chatting with GusGreeper yesterday and we were talking about crushes. Not serious ones, but you know those silly unattainable celebrity crushes. Someone you like to see on the big screen or on the rink etc. I think we’re both comfortable enough in our marriages to have such conversations. As it turns out we both had Bertuzzi crushes (back in his hayday) and both had/have Bert bobble heads. Of course we’re just joking around but um, I think my girl crushes sometimes outnumber the males (and John has no problem with this). Right now it’s Kat Von D from Miami Ink.

I’ve been working 6-2 for the past two days, and I’ll continue to do so into next week. My holidays don’t start until the first week of January and until then I thought I’d relive my old work schedule and suffer through the dark, quiet mornings alone. Walking to the bus at 5:45am in downtown Vancouver isn’t too scary, although sometimes there’s a dark shadow down the alley by the dumpster that you might want to be aware of. I just make sure to keep my head up, walk straight, and carry my umbrella in a menacing fashion. Grr.

an hour *after* i got to work this morning

What keeps me going when I get to work these days is turning on ALL the lights in the office to shock my system. I’m sure people can see in for miles although I am on the 15th floor. Aside from that, a hot coffee and Muse. Lots of Muse this week. Unfortunately, Muse couldn’t solve my printing issue this morning, so I called up the very nice IT girl in the Toronto office.

Now, I’d consider myself pretty darn computer savvy but when I’ve rebooted everything, checked all the usual functions and the network printer still isn’t working, at 6am I just want some help. I know that being a broadcast engineer for a radio station in Iowa, John used to also be the go-to office guy for any technical issues. His his favourite issue being “I can’t print”. Well, I pulled an “I can’t print” on our IT department today. After about 20 minutes and just before I was about to pass out, someone else arrived in the office and noticed that the wires at the back of the printer were loose, thus causing the errors. Yeah, I felt like a rock star after that. S-m-r-t.

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  1. gusgreeperFriday, December 22nd, 2006 — 8:47am PST

    i think the only reason i new management liked me was because they called me mrs. bertuzzi. oh how i wished. i had a shrine at my desk. (we have the same shirts too man we were extreme fans. rad)
    ps. i am not computer savvy.

  2. JennyFriday, December 22nd, 2006 — 11:05am PST

    I have the biggest crush on the lotto 6-49 guy guy. You know the convenience store clerk. He cracks me up.

  3. Miss604Friday, December 22nd, 2006 — 11:09am PST

    stole what and put stars where? :p we saw him in another commercial… i think a tim horton’s one where he’s pressuring his co-workers at a car dealership to go for lunch.

  4. taradenFriday, December 22nd, 2006 — 11:27am PST

    I hear ya on the whole Bertuzzi thing. But I must admit to having a small crush on the guy who plays the mac in the “pc vs. mac” commercials. 😀

  5. Miss604Friday, December 22nd, 2006 — 11:30am PST

    John read somewhere that people like “PC” better cause Mac seems arrogant… I don’t think so.

    I only like “PC” cause he did a spot on the Daily Show a while back. He compared the American election process to the game, Mouse Trap.

    Speaking of the Daily Show… Jon Stewart

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