It's Falling at Your Feet

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Heading into the elevator on my way to lunch, I looked up to read the news. The LCD screen aglow with the ‘Word of the Day’ and latest TSX market figures. Every couple of minutes I’ll spot a story off CP and every so often, something will make me chuckle.

surreysnow.jpg reports that 32% of workers call in sick when they’re feeling just fine [yahoo]. Some like to call them mental health days, some like to say they’re excusable because ‘it’s a sunny Friday before a long weekend and I think I have a scratchy throat’ followed by an unconvincing cough. North Americans have far fewer vacation days as our working counterparts over in Europe, maybe it’s just something we need now and then. I know I hate taking sick days and often just work extra days and hours to accumulate more time off, but at what expense, really. I was pretty burnt out last week.A dedicated fan brings Christmas Story house to life [cnn]. Brian Jones of Cleveland, Ohio has resurrected the exact house from the classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story.

“Jones has restored the three-story, wood-frame house to its appearance in the movie and opened it for tours beginning Saturday. His hope is that it will become a tourist stop alongside the city’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and other destinations.”

Yesterday John saw a guy walking down the street with an Official Red Ryder BB Gun sticking out of his backpack.

“[Jones] also bought the house across the street — Ralphie runs past it in the film’s opening scene — to serve as a museum and gift shop. Several original items from the film are on display, including the infamous snowsuit (“I can’t put my arms down!”) worn by Ralphie’s brother, Randy.”

Leg LampThis weekend I noticed at the Suncoast store in Alderwood Mall (and probably at the Bellis Fair location too) you can purchase your very own, Leg Lamp.

And along the lines of that woman who sued McDonalds because her coffee was hot, and the dude who is currently sueing Just Ladies Fitness for discrimination, parents of a child who got burned by hot chocolate from Starbucks have sought legal action.

The incident happened after the vehicle had pulled away from the drive-through window,” the statement continued. “While Starbucks regrets this incident, we believe our store partners prepared and served the drink properly and that we are not responsible for the injuries. [indystar].

To round out the link-fest, above is a snowy picture courtesy of my sister (aka Sis 604, contributor to this site) who is out in Surrey. There certainly is a LOT more of that out in the burbs than there is downtown – I’d love to take a ‘snow day’ and head out there right about now.

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