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Firefox 2.0 is out today. Thanks to John for imbedding these updates into my brain and also thanks to dingoRUE for the informative post. is best viewed in Firefox so hop to it! With that out of the way…

I’m a sucker for trivia. I’ve got a pretty competitive streak and I sometimes like to think I know everything. Combine that with some friends and a friendly board game, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a night. A way to combine all that excitement with 8+ hours a day of being online is to “play” Guess Where Vancouver on Flickr.

“…In this group you should post intriguing pictures of something (people, place thing) in Vancouver, Vancouver… Don’t give away the location in your title, description or tags. Let others try to guess where and what you took a picture of.[guesswherevancouver]”

Mind you, I’m not very quick at guessing. I usually know the place but someone (cough seanorr cough) has beat me to it. Either that or the photos are so amazingly good and hide their locations so well, I’m at a loss.

Another place with tricky brain teasers is Although the trivia only comes around once a month, it’s always fun to test your knowledge of the city’s history – you can also go back and do all the archived quizzes, if you really want to. I usually do pretty well, but sometimes I’m just guessing eenie meenie… on the multiple choice selections. If I do poorly I’ll quiz John and make myself feel a little bit better about my answers (ain’t I a stinker).

One of these days SERIOUSLY one of these days we’ll meet up with Gus Greeper and her man to play a round or 4 of their Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition. Rockin!

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  1. gusgreeperWednesday, October 25th, 2006 — 1:23pm PDT

    we are going to have to for sure it is insane fun. if we hadn’t played in teams we’d have been there all night. it also goes well with hockey.

  2. gusgreeperWednesday, October 25th, 2006 — 1:26pm PDT

    PS. i must update my firefox!
    i have the kitty set up. OF COURSE!

  3. Miss604Thursday, October 26th, 2006 — 12:15pm PDT

    i think you’ve just inspired me to find a cool new theme for my lovely firefox 2.0 :p i usually have a hard time picking one but.. i think there are a bunch of new goodies out there.

  4. gusgreeperThursday, October 26th, 2006 — 2:31pm PDT

    i looked for some and could not find any in the ad ons.. did you find any? it looks like they took them away!

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