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On my way to work this morning I listened to my “mallow” playlist. It features a couple songs that were played at our wedding so of course I got all sappy and was complete mush but the time I got to the office.
I bought John‘s birthday present yesterday. He pretty much knows what it is so I’ll just say there will be sticks, pucks and a lot of beer involved – the way we both like it. I pretty much have us booked up until Sunday – so he’ll have one of those super fun 4-day-long birthdays.

Snow Patrol concert on Thursday, I’m off work Friday then we’re going to my parent’s for dinner, out with friends on Saturday and super fun secret present time on Sunday.

We’ll see my sister on Thursday and Saturday, she’s super-momma. The municipality keeps requesting her for jury duty (3 times in the past couple months), weird. Not sure a single working mother of 3 kids (all under 6 years old) has the time, really. Although I keep requesting she write more for… I think she should… she’s got lots of stories to tell.

It’s been one year since John moved to Vancouver. He left his friends, family, job and home behind – to come here and start a new life with the woman he loves (that would be me). I told him this morning when his status is approved he better call me at work (since IM is so unreliable). It’ll be the climax of this uphill battle we’ve had all year. I also know that after he calls me he better call his Grandma in Kansas City. She’s his biggest fan and our iChats are pretty fun. If all goes well we’ll be heading down there for Christmas. If not, it will be another undetermined number of months before he can work and travel. Regardless, I still consider myself lucky every day and we both know that the only place to go from here, is up.

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  1. JennyTuesday, September 19th, 2006 — 11:40am PDT

    Apparently , somehow, the government knows I can speak french. So everytime a bilingual case comes up they send me a letter. So far I’ve gotten out of it everytime.
    Thursday is going to be great, and Saturday.

  2. melTuesday, September 19th, 2006 — 11:44am PDT

    oh! Snow Patrol is one of my obsessions right now. I love, love, love “You Could Be Happy” and “Chasing Cars”. Man… I may scrounge on craigslist last minute… hrm…

  3. JosieTuesday, September 19th, 2006 — 2:35pm PDT

    I hope those papers come through soon so John’s Grandma can quit praying so hard. At this rate, she may have to get a new Rosary!

  4. Miss 604Tuesday, September 19th, 2006 — 3:20pm PDT

    my sister, brother and i saw snow patrol in april 2005 (i think it was april) they were at the vogue – awesome show. pretty upset that it got moved from the commodore this time around (to the pne forum)

  5. gusgreeperWednesday, September 20th, 2006 — 9:52am PDT

    i got called for the air india bombing i stil OF COURSE have all the paper work. pretty glad it went to judge only. well lets say MORE than pretty glad just NOT a jury i’d want to be on.

    obviously john is simply amazing! i hope his birthday is awesome!! glad you nabbed a kickass one and same goes for him!

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