they got hair cutes

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Things to do before we go to the beach today:

– Shave legs with fantastic new razor (read my Schick schtick).

– While playing Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (off the Vanmega August mix-tape) John recommends I download the performance version from

– Download the Vanmega September mix-tape.

– Download last night’s ‘Kitty Jenny and Kitty Tanya’ pictures off the camera and my phone.

– Eat hearty breakfast.

– Grease up.

– Get the hell outta here for one last hurrah at the beach – listening to podcasts, walking through the park, getting annoyed with tourists, melting our skin off on the hot sand (even though I said last weekend would be the last. ooops). Maybe we’ll see who we refer to as ‘the future version of us’. This hot, tan, older couple that we’ve see there every weekend all summer. Not saying we’re hot and tan, just hoping we are when we grow up.

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