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Monday, September 11th, 2006 — 4:43pm PDT
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After working last night, sitting alone in the office at my desk, tempted to stick tissues up my nose because I was too busy to be bothered to blow it any longer, I called in sick.
John is getting a little run down as well. It’s worse for anything to happen to him since his current immigration status prevents him from getting medical coverage or even being on my benefits plan from work. The last time he was sick the $100 bill for going to the clinic wasn’t too pleasant.

Aside from watching movies on the couch all day and ‘taking it easy’ we were on our computers intermittantly to check news and emails.

Laura‘s invited us over tomorrow for the Big Brother Finale but she put her foot down today when she sent me a series of IMs “if you are sick, do not come”. She doesn’t want to catch what it is we got. I get the hint Laura, I get the hint. The new job, the house-sitting in Yaletown, going back on your promise to ‘carpool’ with me to work every day *sigh* I’m pickin up what you’re puttin’ down, man.

I’m anxiously awaiting payday on Friday so that a) I can pay bills b) I can start preparing for John’s brithday/1 year anniversary in Vancouver (Canucks tickets go on sale this week).

I’m just glad that we’ve finally signed Linden [tsn], even if it’s just for one year and even if John still thinks Anson Carter would be a ‘better’ investment. pfaw.

Time to cough and nose-blow. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.

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  1. zona boy says:

    my daughter just found out that BC health won’t insure her either. she’s separated from husband and is now living with us on a visitor permit. eight months pregnant. what great news eh?

  2. Miss 604 says:

    Oh man that’s rough 🙁
    It’s amazing what flies with the government bureaucracies these days and what doesn’t.

  3. Best of luck on a speedy recovery.

  4. Soultrance says:

    My wife is from the US as well and we’re going through the PR papers right now so she’s got no coverage and no ability to work either.

    Let me just say, it sure sucked when we had to take her to the clinic, and then the UBC ER a month ago because she got an ulser and was in huge amounts of pain. Luckily, after 6 hours of waiting around of course, they got her all checked out and we got a perscription for some drugs for her.

    $300 in DR’s and ER bills later, plus $60 in perscriptions, here we sit. We’re just lucky it happened when it did as I get a bonus from work with this pay check for referring a friend that will cover all the bills, otherwise we’d be totally screwed.

    Damn immigration stuff, isn’t marriage good enough? 🙂

  5. Miss 604 says:

    you SURE you wanna come to Canada? are you SURE? hehe

    I mean in all these cases (Zona’s, yours, mine) our loved ones are American – I never thought it would be this tough…

  6. Jesse says:

    All things being equal though that same trip to the emergency room would have cost $3000 if you were south of the border Soultrance. Also there are private insurance options available in Canada (you just have to plan ahead and pay that monthly premium).

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