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While lying in the physiotherapists office this morning I picked up Time magazine. I find it a good read for the few minutes I’m left alone with some electrode type thing stuck to my messed up back. After reading about what might become my new favourite show, Studio 60 [wiki], I came across an article about the latest edition of Monopoly.
The article conjures up some fun memories of rainy days as a kid. I was more partial to games of knowledge and skill myself but Monopoly is definitely a staple in any board game collection. The changes that have been made are long overdue. Gone are the days of collecting 200$, the bonus for passing ‘GO’ has now skyrocketed to a cool 2 million. The properties have also changed, you can now buy the White House or Times Square, should your Starbucks coffee or Motorola phone land on either square.

I’d have to recommend that anyone who enjoys a challenge should definitely check out Canada’s answer to monopoly, Poleconomy. It not only allows you to become Prime Minister (thus affecting inflation) but allows you to purchase bonds, life insurance and as an added bonus you get to move coloured beavers around the board (which includes both in inner and outer track). Be forewarned however, in our house games would sometimes go on for days.

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  1. Miss 604Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 — 1:17pm PDT

    You could actually ‘buy’ real Canadian companies… Dow, Carrier, Kraft Canada, Bombardier, David Ingram, Marvin Travel even the Fraser Institute (to name a few)

    I’m gonna google around for a link to the game and post it if I have any luck.

  2. Miss 604Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 — 1:19pm PDT

    okay here’s a link to a page someone’s got about the game

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