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I am not an expert on the subject but since I have been a part of the blogging realm for the last two years I feel like I can say something.
There are so many different types of blogs out there and it feels like… there’s blog-cliques. People who stick together, link to each other, have blogrolls full of the same people. Not that it’s a bad thing – it’s just something I’ve definitely noticed lately…
The really technical blogs, the businessy blogs, the corporate/ ‘my company’ blogs, the ‘i’m on my period and sharing with the world’ blogs, the ‘i just wanna hookup with chicks so i’ll say stupid things and post pics of me doing something tom green would do’ blogs, the theme blogs ie. television, movies, and then the blogs you just can’t really get your head around – are they trying to sell me something? is this for real?

All of which are daily reads for tons of people. Infomative, entertaining – whatever’s your poison, really.

I have no idea which category I would fit into. I’d like to think I’m just a Vancouver blogger – hence the title of my site. Our lives, the events in which we participate, our walks, trips, days, weekends, the Canucks, social commentary and silly links I may happen to find.

I know I don’t have to sit here and talk about WHAT my blog is about – I think I’ve got enough content to pick through for you to form your own opinion.

Sometimes I feel like a blog outsider, which is really strange. Who am I, really? This is so much more than an ‘online diary’. I was never good at keeping diaires as a child – although I was excellent at reading my sister’s.

I’ll talk about something and think how blogworthy that would be – knowing the people around me have no idea what a blog is or what purpose it serves or they have their own blogs and they might write about it too, putting their own spin on it and my version will suck. Or… I’ll blog about my ex-co-worker and how she’s babysitting a cat meanwhile there’s so much more going on in the world but ya know, I just don’t feel like covering it.

That’s where something becomes a blog and not just an article you’re publishing, but that works for those informative blogs out there. Sometimes I like to post ‘breaking news’ but really, if someone wanted to read the news they’d go to CNN.com and not miss604.com. I could post about my take on the specific news article, get some comments going, start a thread, interact etc. But since I’m ALSO a part of Metroblogging I would normally reserve those types of posts for that site.

It’s a grey Saturday morning and John’s a lil upset we can’t hit the beach today. I have a sore throat and snotty nose (yes, sexy I know) so I’m not sure what we’ll get up to, meanwhile I’m sitting here writing a ‘state of the blog’ post.

I just thought I would ramble on about some general observations. I don’t think I’m looking for a purpose, or to be special or find out what makes other blogs tick. I think it’s just coming to terms with what a craze this is, what a tool it has become, and anyone and their cat can do it, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Now I have to run over to the TV and shut it off because John left it on college football.

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