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Painful: The possible lead singer of Supernova? To quote Laura: Are you frickin’ kidding me? :p Also, I just asked her if she knew about Super Gran. Anyone remember Super Gran? Along the same lines… we caught Corner Gas the other day and they had a Littlest Hobo reference. Now both theme songs are stuck […]

orgasmic coconut buns

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This is Laura‘s last week at this job, sitting across from me, peeking her head up and making faces at me when other people in the office are being complete asses. I knew that growing up as a snobby North Van kid she’d someday find a place in Yaletown and feel right at home :p […]


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News this morning… RIP Crocodile Hunter man [cbc][lolod]. As reported on the FOX, “the contender for most unliked man in the world…” (although JJ would have us believe differently about him), ‘Iron’ Mike Keenan steps down as GM for the Panthers [tsn]. Matthew Good has left Vancouver [mblog]. Since the farewell ‘show‘ last week and […]

it's murky from the silt, not so much the pollution

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This is turning into a rather heated debate (and I know I should probably just post something on Rant!Vancouver about it) but I thought I would open the discussion up here (even though I’ve blogged about it before). If anything, just to direct you to the post I have on Metroblogging [MBV]….about the Pattullo Bridge. […]

they got hair cutes

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Things to do before we go to the beach today: – Shave legs with fantastic new razor (read my Schick schtick). – While playing Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (off the Vanmega August mix-tape) John recommends I download the performance version from – Download the Vanmega September mix-tape. – Download last night’s ‘Kitty Jenny […]