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World Taekwondo Federation

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In line with such silly geeky posts as those verification codes you can never read [604] and battle of the fonts [604] I find myself compelled to comment about something I was reading on RantVancouver yesterday. In the comment section of one of the rants, someone put “IAWTP”. Buh? I fear I may be out […]

so you've decided to steal cable

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After working last night, sitting alone in the office at my desk, tempted to stick tissues up my nose because I was too busy to be bothered to blow it any longer, I called in sick. John is getting a little run down as well. It’s worse for anything to happen to him since his […]

helloooo metro news

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My mom just woke me up. She was just reading the Metro on her skytrain trip into downtown and saw a wee little article about her daughter. Oh my. It seems I’ve become I’m somewhat of a local ‘blogebrity’. Holy freakin crap, how did that happen? There is a certain charm to reading about the […]

born yesterday

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I read something today on Beyond Robson that didn’t particularly inspire this post but it prompted me to write it. It picked at a sore spot that I’ve been avoiding for a while now, although it’s always been there, just waiting to erupt into a blog post. This edition of ‘is anyone here actually FROM […]

cattle call

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I’ve been checking the concert listings in Vancouver lately and they seem kinda dull – although there are a few gems we’re going to check out later this month [604]. It seems like I completely missed out on some GREAT shows when I was living in Boston. I’ve only been to the Middle East once […]