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NOT cool

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Someone hacked in via WordPress and ruined my husband’s site.He’s working on resolving the issue… The podcast page is still okay though.What year is it? 1998?Come ON!So NOT cool. Edit: All fixed – not a huge problem but pretty darn annoying, here’s his post about the messy situation and the clean up [audihertz]

it would be pretty neat

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BE A SNOW PATROL TOUR REPORTER!! We are looking for some creative Snow Patrol fans to help us document the band’s tour experiences over the next few weeks. One lucky winner will be selected from each town that the band are playing in this September, to be our official ‘Snow Patrol Tour Reporter’. Each tour […]

a tree grows

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Last night John downloaded iTunes 7 for his Mac (and I succumbed this morning, after much peer pressure). I watched as he highlighted over 800 albums and in one click was able to start the ‘get album art’ process. There’s a feature that lets you flip through your albums as though you’re sitting in front […]

fumbling to make contact

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Last night we caught Big Brother and Rockstar at Laura‘s house-sitting-house while playing Trivial Pursuit, 90s Edition. I can’t believe John didn’t get the questions about the Melissa and Michaelangelo virii and he can’t believe I got the Henry Kissenger question right. We stayed there way too late then walked home around midnight from Yaletown […]

head on head on head on

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John told me yesterday that Apple was going to have some fancy swanky announcements today. He’s just given me the scoop, saying “that’s some hot sh*t” and being altogether way too excited, but with good reason. Tiny, 1.62 inch iPod shuffles and multi-coloured 8gb Nanos (for starters) [apple]. I’m sure he’ll be posting a big […]