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best of vancouver?

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt

While out in Surrey this evening, we got our paws on a copy of the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver edition. We browsed through, agreed with some picks, strongly disagreed with others (eg. my dad and John could not believe that Beaver Lake was best urban oasis). While on the topic of things Vancouver, I […]

Loopy RadioZoom Episode #112

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We threw together an episode tonight before the concert. [John’s] birthday is coming up on Sunday, and we’ll be attending the Canucks game againt Anaheim in celebration. We get into a variety of topics, including Vancouver Trivia as [John’s] one year anniversary in Vancouver is quickly approaching [radiozoom] Click here to listen to the mp3, […]

shut your eyes

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Work is pretty damn busy this morning BUT, it’s my Friday today! John’s birthday-long-weekend starts at 4pm (as soon as I leave the office). Tonight is Snow Patrol and I’m not the tour reporter [604] but of course I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow. Hopefully we can get to doing a podacst before heading out […]

let me be your hog

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When I was little I used to listen to tapes to help me sleep. I don’t mean they were “you’re getting very sleepy” tapes, but just music in general although the spoken word Dylan Thomas tape always did the trick as well. I also know that when reading this my sister is going to mention […]

so yummy, it's delicious

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I’ve added Digg and to the bottom of my posts (thanks to this blog for the tip). If you see a post of mine that you like – Digg it! I’ve been going aggregator crazy lately and I’m still trying to add my “for: miss604” to my Google homepage (as recommended by John […]