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so yummy, it's delicious

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I’ve added Digg and to the bottom of my posts (thanks to this blog for the tip). If you see a post of mine that you like – Digg it! I’ve been going aggregator crazy lately and I’m still trying to add my “for: miss604” to my Google homepage (as recommended by John […]

this song will guide you home

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On my way to work this morning I listened to my “mallow” playlist. It features a couple songs that were played at our wedding so of course I got all sappy and was complete mush but the time I got to the office. I bought John‘s birthday present yesterday. He pretty much knows what it […]

a banner year

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I’ve never been up GrouseMountain nor have I visited the CapilanoSuspension Bridge. I’ve never worn Lululemon, Ugg boots or shopped for clothing/shoes on Robson or West 4th. I’ve never eaten at the Naam. I used to rollerskate at Stardust, shop at A&B Sound and commute through Gateway every day. I remember when there were more […]

RadioZoom Episode #111 – A Tribute

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A non-Miss604 episode of Radiozoom (as most “Six Song Donut Spectaculars” are), John pays tribute to Today marks another page in rock and roll history. Septmber 15, 2006 will forever be the day that the music stopped, for good, from Even if it begins again, it will never be the same as it […]