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…says Mary Magdalene in Rescue Me season 2 as Jesus drives up in a Lamborghini and lowers his sunglasses.

We watched the finale of season 3 last night. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone in Canada who is just starting to watch it on Showcase. I have to say this season was very disturbing, emotional, but just when you thought things were going to hell – it got mixed up and everything kinda mellowed – such a twist from the norm on this show. The season finale wrapped things up and closed a chapter, leaving room for a whole other book to open up AND only leaving one cliffhanger. We all know that it’s coming back for season 4… it’s just a matter of how.

After the crazy week we’ve had we kinda promised ourselves that we’d slow down although it seems like next week will be just as full. I have a special work thinger-do Wed-Fri, we’re going to see Darren Barefoot’s play at Fringe [bolloxed], and Laura’s LAST day here is on Thursday [Lolod]. I’ve told her not to make plans Thursday night cause we kinda have something up our sleeve. Also, there’s word over at Vandigicam that there could be another meetup.

Going into a long weekend, we have no plans – as with every other long weekend this year. We’ll have to talk to the lawyer next week about John‘s extension. Since his permanent residency and/or approval status has not yet arrived, we’ll need to extend his temporary resident permit (again), those things only last 6 months.

It’s been 6 months already, holy crap.

I’m sure there are some people who would still consider us newlyweds – but the connotations that word emits are just goofy to me, although we’re still at such a young phase in our lives together. Our apartment is pretty bare looking, scattered misc furniture and Ikea shelving, kitchen packed with appliances that were wedding gifts, not going out for big fancy dinners out on the town, making the most of our love for walks, parks and beaches, which provide us with inexpensive entertainment on sunny afternoons. I can’t wait until we’re a double income household. I know someone in this town will want to hire my fantastic podcast, blogger, radio geek of a husband (once he’s allowed to work). Our lives have been jostled around in the last year and when that time comes, when he can work – things will shift again, and for the better.

October 2nd is his ‘1 year in Canada’ anniversary. His birthday is just before then so I’m hoping I’ll have a bit of dough to throw him sort of a bash – even though things are tight, there’s always something worth celebrating.

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  1. MattFriday, September 1st, 2006 — 10:17am PDT

    Party at Rebecca’s house!

  2. Miss 604Friday, September 1st, 2006 — 10:22am PDT


    well we all do like john’s homemade margaritas…

  3. Mom-in-lawFriday, September 1st, 2006 — 10:59am PDT

    Looks Margaritaville has moved from Iowa to Canada – will have to have Jeri’s mom get another sign at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Bar/Grill in Vegas for John.

  4. SoultraneFriday, September 1st, 2006 — 7:07pm PDT

    My wife is a Yankee and here on a temp visa as well, though we haven’t got the PR paperwork sent in yet, still working on filling it all out and getting all the pics and medical stuff taken care of.

    Might I ask how much it’s cost you to get as far as you have, so far? We’ve got a fair bit of cash (in my mind, at least), saved away to cover the costs and I’m just wondering if it’ll be enough.

    On another note, I agree with the newlyweds comment. Chrys and I have only been married since February and I don’t really see us as being newlyweds anymore, that lasted all of a few weeks in my books. 🙂

    Your house even sounds similar to ours, lol. Ikea furniture cause it’s affordable and next to nothing on the walls. We felt like we really achieved something hanging 3 pictures last weekend. It’s a good thing we’re hitting the Vancouver Flea Market this weekend to get some stuff for the walls, this prison cell white is starting to drive me a bit nutty.


  5. Miss 604Friday, September 1st, 2006 — 7:30pm PDT

    we have one thing on the wall that’s a print of john’s sister’s painting.

    we got married in Feb too 🙂 then sent in all the permanent residency stuff in March so we’re HOPING that it’ll come through soon.

    we went through a lawyer that’s been REALLY great and taking care of almost everything, even answering our paranoid and pesky emails. I think it usually ends up being about 5K for the whole ordeal — but worth it of course :p

  6. Travel SongsTuesday, September 26th, 2006 — 10:31pm PDT

    A great resource for people in your situation is David Ingram’s Q and A site:

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