Loopy RadioZoom Episode #112

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We threw together an episode tonight before the concert.

[John’s] birthday is coming up on Sunday, and we’ll be attending the Canucks game againt Anaheim in celebration. We get into a variety of topics, including Vancouver Trivia as [John’s] one year anniversary in Vancouver is quickly approaching [radiozoom]

Click here to listen to the mp3, visit the site for show notes, links and extra tidbits.

Oh and if you lost a wallet at the Snow Patrol concert tonight, my sister found it and handed it to a PNE employee-security-looking guy. In hindsight we probably would have been better off hanging on to it and trying to contact the owner ourselves but um, it’s in their hands now. Okay? PNE Forum staff security people things. Good luck.

I’ll have pics and a couple vids up later tomorrow. Laura was nice enough to lend me her cam so it’ll take a while to get it back to her, have the pics sent over yada yada yada concert recap post will come later. Enjoy the podcast, and have a happy Friday!

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  1. RennyBAFriday, September 22nd, 2006 — 5:19am PDT

    Here from 25Peeps – you are on the list – congrats from Norway!
    What a great and interesting blog you have – I’ll be back.
    Have a wonderful end to your week:-)

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