it's murky from the silt, not so much the pollution

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This is turning into a rather heated debate (and I know I should probably just post something on Rant!Vancouver about it) but I thought I would open the discussion up here (even though I’ve blogged about it before). If anything, just to direct you to the post I have on Metroblogging [MBV]….about the Pattullo Bridge.

I talk a lot about Vancouver. I also talk a lot about Surrey – in a positive light although we all know it’s got its share of problems. I understand that a large chunk of Vancouverites hate ‘bridge and tunnel’ people and want Surreyites to stay home on Saturday nights to comb their mullets and keep their Cameros in the carport of their growops at the trailer park. I am not blind to the fact that people have stereotypes. But what does that have to do with public safety?

I know there are far more pressing issues in the lower mainland, the downtown eastside, and in every community as nothing is perfect. I would just like to add the Pattullo Bridge to the long list of things that need attention and improvement. Is there anything wrong with that?

Of course taking the train, commuting, biking and bussing would be great alternatives for people to get behind. Of course there ARE other issues. But the fact is this IS a problem for those hundreds of thousands of commuters each month who use this crossing.

How much was spent on the Lions Gate to repair the deck? How much was spent to give it a nice shinier green paint job than the bland green paint job it had before? Is the Pattullo not as much of a MAIN commuter route in the GVRD? Is it just that it’s between New West and Surrey so… it’s not really a priority?

Just looking for some clarification & maybe some answers here folks.

To add to the discussion, as mentioned at the beginning of my rant, go over to the Metblog post. I would still welcome your comments here as well, of course 🙂

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