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I’m going to rip off The Vancouverite‘s Buzz Dump editions and just list off some links – although it seems everyone and their dog is away right now and NOT blogging… and those who ARE blogging are writing about cats…

Beyond Robson’s weekly heads up on the arts scene is cool and très Vancouver. [br] I’ve driven past that gallery a few times and noticed those works in the window.

Job interviews are dead [audihertz]. I knew it. My friend Anne and I used to call degrees “paper”. We didn’t get “paper” and I suppose I don’t look good on “paper” for that reason. But I have almost almost 10 years of experience (entry level to management) and I tells ya, that speaks volumes. Er um I hope, hey – anyone hiring? :p

Laura’s got competition in the Reality TV blog coverage realm [dingoRUE] and although the man responsible ruffled a few feathers to get his blog known, I think he’s on the path to redeeming himself.

Rant!Vancouver is having a video contest [rv]. I’m contemplating whether or not I’ll submit an entry. We rant often, I suppose we could just record something and submit. The $100 in ‘prize money’ would do us good.

ULturducken. We already know and love the turkey, stuffed with a chicken that’s stuffed with a duck but bring Emu into the equation and you’ll have a heart-stoppingly good time [wiredcola].

Fellow Metroblogger, Wynne, has been away for ages it seems. She is over in Germany and blogging about the good times and especially… H&M. We all (heart) H&M. [wyn]

If you do want to hear about cats – try Laura‘s “Chelsea Watch”.

“So, the crying & screaming have stopped but the late night retching has started. She greets me at the door when I get in each night no matter what time & then proceeds to follow me around the apartment.”

If you didn’t clue in that’s she’s Gus n’ Russ’ old, blind, cranky kitty…then that line there is a doozy (and Laura’s a lil more wild than we all could have imagined). At first she hated the idea and referred to the cat as “it”. Now apparently they’re like old friends, getting on each other’s nerves but still enjoying the company.

Aw crap. I just bloggged about a freakin cat.

EDIT: I have to add something abour Gus’ pics – they’re really great, check ’em out over on his Flickr. He’s now got a few ‘themes’ going including getting pics of security guards napping.

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  1. LoLo D.Friday, September 8th, 2006 — 10:21pm PDT

    I now refer to Chelsea as my “small dog” cat because she follows me around like a puppy. It’s kind of cute. But I’m worried I’ll accidentally step on her one morning.

  2. GusSaturday, September 9th, 2006 — 12:57am PDT

    LOL it’s ok, I’ve done it on a few occassions and I’m a big boy!! 🙂

    Oh my are we blogging about a cat? LOL

    BTW, she is referred to as the Dutchess, not “the cat”. LOL

    We miss our little girl!

  3. ScottSunday, September 10th, 2006 — 9:45am PDT

    It would be great if you sent in a video. There is only one other entry so far so the odds are pretty good.

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