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While out in Surrey this evening, we got our paws on a copy of the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver edition. We browsed through, agreed with some picks, strongly disagreed with others (eg. my dad and John could not believe that Beaver Lake was best urban oasis).

While on the topic of things Vancouver, I was recapping our ‘Vancouver Trivia’ from last night’s podcast [radiozoom]. The question about the steamclock arose [wiki] as it was dedicated September 24th, 1977 (John’s birthday) and is one of, if not the most, photographed sites in Vancouver.

Photo credit: bhlubarber on Flickr

But, I also learned something new as I was always under the impression that it was run entirely on steam from underground.

Truth is, the steam that flows through the clock is only for the displays every 15 minutes but the rest of the clock is electric. Whaa? My dad is right 99.9% of the time but just to back up this info for the blog post I dug a little deeper and found a few sources that confirmed:

…Internal parts are worn and in need of repair or replacement. The clock still keeps the correct time, but the steam whistle, and its ability to play songs, is starting to malfunction. The City of Vancouver is preparing a two-phase program to overhaul the clock: Phase 1 – Electrical overhaul to fix steam whistle and song playing Phase 2 – Mechanical system overhaul to make sure the clock works properly well into the future. [city of vancouver]

I guess our beloved steamclock isn’t so steamy. Actually, it’s not really beloved either, I think I’ve only watched it ‘go off’ once in my life and John finally saw it on accident this summer when we were strolling through Gastown. There are more beautiful things to stare at in Vancouver.

Back to ‘the Best of’ though, it’s always fun to find places you patronize on the list – except when it names Starbucks as one of the best places to go in the rain. Are you kidding me? Why not put Beaver Lake on that list instead. Rainy walks in Vancouver kick ass – even if you venture into the woods and come across a stinky, buggy, skunky, dried up circle of mud.

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  1. JohnSaturday, September 23rd, 2006 — 1:44am PDT

    There were times that while running around Beaver Lake this summer, I saw no signs of a “lake” what so ever. There was so much growth that all you saw was green. Lots of bugs. Lots of smell. Not what I would call an oasis at all.

    That little park I took you to from your Metblogs post? Now that’s an oasis. A potential mine field of dog poop, but far better in my opinion.

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