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Sunday, September 24th, 2006 — 9:19pm PST
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Spoiled boy I have. Thursday night, Snow Patrol. Friday night, dinner at parents. Saturday night, dinner with friends. Sunday night, Canucks game. Somewhere in there, I got John a couple presents, a hair cut, and dyed my hair blond. We just got home from the game (which we won in a shootout, 4-3). It was a great time, even met up with JJ from the Canucks Hockey Blog and he bought John a birthday beer.

We just got home and noticed John’s pal, and our wedding DJ, Don had sent him a message saying that tonight on his radio show (d-contextualized on WYEP in Pittsburg) he will dedicate a bunch of songs to him. Freaking sweet!

We’re now dancing around the apartment (me, in my new Canucks shirt I got for 14 bucks at the Authentix sale) and singing along to the tunes Don is playing. He just ran a couple songs for John and now we’re making some requests – next up, They Might be Giants and some Matthew Good. Don said he listened to the Matt Good podcast we did a lil while ago – said it even got him a little choked up hehe. We’re listening over the web so it’s a bit delayed but I think we’re going to try and Skype him in a minute and say hi.

What an awesome end to the weekend. I’m pretty sure John had a good time – not only marking his first birthday in Canada but also the 1 year mark since he first “landed” in Vancouver. Here’s to many many more good times.

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