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Last night John downloaded iTunes 7 for his Mac (and I succumbed this morning, after much peer pressure). I watched as he highlighted over 800 albums and in one click was able to start the ‘get album art’ process. There’s a feature that lets you flip through your albums as though you’re sitting in front of a 100+ disk CD changer – and that’s just the eye candy. It’s got way more bells and whistles so make sure you update your iTunes and check ’em all out.

I’ve been struggling with my cell phone for the past 2 days, nothing major, but it’s an issue with a mystery icon. I have done my best to replicate it here, using MS Paint, I am a master of MS Paint. I’ve got no idea what it is, what’s going on with my phone (I could be hooked up to some satellite right now for all I know) I just want the icon to go away. I tried the manual, looking online, nothing. So if anyone knows what the heck this is and how I can get rid of it, please let me know.

Douglas Coupland [wiki], who John and I had the chance of meeting this spring, has been nominated for the Giller Prize [wiki] in Canadian literature, for JPod. Read my thoughts on JPod [604].

Anson Carter signed with the Blue Jackets yesterday. Good um… luck… in Columbus Anson. There’s still backlash regarding the $1.9 million Kesler deal [chb] with Philly and also the DiPietro 15 year contract [chb]. The NHL is like a snowglobe this summer, constantly shaken by kooky GMs.

Now in more serious news, as you may or may not know, I’m a part of Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv]. There is a first-hand account of the shootings yesterday up on our sister site, Metroblogging Montreal. A blogger for Metblogs Montreal works at Dawson College and has written an amazing post [mbm].

Edit: iTunes works fine on my work computer but on my home PC I’m having trouble – says it’s unable to view album art on this computer. My Quicktime is up to date, would be it something else? I really really need a Mac… a Macbook… yeah….!

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