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We’re watching the Wedge [much music] as we usually do on Friday nights at 8:30pm… [604-wedge][604-wedge] well, if we’re not out n’ about…. the only other things on TV are TLC makeover shows and infomercials.

The first tune they played was Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol [.com]. How much does it suck that the concert will now be at the PNE Forum and not the Commodore? Blech [604-snowpatrol]. Anyhoo, a video comes up from a band called Chicane and it’s featuring Tom Jones [YouTube].

Right after that vid the Stereophonics… and yeah with Tom Jones. So of course I Googled and found his ‘Best of’ album [Amazon]. Sure, this may be old news but I guess I’m just not as up-to-date on my Tom Jones as I should be (and apparently I’m 3 years behind, but I’m not going to loose any sleep :p).

With a relaxing, weekend ahead with nothing planned really, we’re going to take it easy, forget about crappy work situations and enjoy the city (okay mostly the beaches).

Happy weekend.

Now back to the Wedge, and to quote John: “f*ck Bright Eyes”

Update (Just for Fun)
(After Tommy just drank orange juice that had pulp in it)
Janet: Since when do you hate pulp?
Tommy: Ever since they started takin’ the time to take the g*ddamn pulp out. Since then, okay?
Janet: Honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a thing with the pulp.
Tommy: Yeah. I hate all pulp. I hate orange juice pulp. I hate that stupid British band named Pulp. Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino, what’s with that g*ddamn head by the way. Is that not the biggest head in the history of heads? He turns sideways it’s like you’re lookin’ at a map of the New Jersey coastline. And Kill Bill what a piece of sh*t. And then there’s a Kill Bill 2 what’s that about? Jesus Christ.
Janet: Tommy, the kids.
Tommy: Kids, when you grow up don’t see either one of the Kill Bill’s they both suck, okay?

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  1. LarryWednesday, August 16th, 2006 — 2:58pm PDT

    HEY Tom Jones is the great cool crooner. Been to four Tom Jones concerts thus far they were all tops.He’s a fine singer has the moves on stage. In his 20’s,30’s and early 40’s he was a true male sex symble. Even now at 66 although not quite the sex bomb anymore he is still hip and a good singer and still does abit of his swivilling of his hips. Tom Jones is a great entertainer and from 1965 to the early 2000 put out many,many big hit classic songs. Also was a Tv host of three shows made a movie too-Pleasuer Cove.Even was on the legendary Ed Sullivan Show a number of times and wowed Ed.

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