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I walked out of the office tonight and proceeded to call Laura and tell her it smelled like Cheesies downtown. Not the poofy kind, but the hard n’ crunchy kind (Hawkins).
I find I’m starting to rate different construction sites since I walk through about 5 of them just on my way to and from work. Which ones are the tidiest, which has the worst smell, who’s making the most progress, who’s scaffolding looks the sturdiest or makes me fear most for my life when I pass under. The skyline in this city is constantly changing.

My mom works near the site of the Shangri-La. She mentioned the other night how dark the street will become once it starts its climb up into the sky. It is becoming dark. I look out the window at work toward the building across the way and I can never tell it’s sunny out. It looks grey and gloomy until I actually step into the lobby or venture outside on my lunch break. I guess I’m still not used to working downtown, even after a couple years.

We officially have one more weekend of +25C weather coming up and dammit, we’re gonna make it to the beach again, we must. Aside from our park walks and beach time – I really want to check out the West End Farmer’s Market, ever since I tried those cookies at BarCamp and Roland told me they would be on sale there. Gimme.

Next week all the fall shows premiere so my butt will be on the couch. Laura‘s been updating us all summer so I know that House starts Sept. 5th and our beloved Amazing Race will now be on Sundays. Also, season of 3 of Rescue Me airs on Showcase although we’ve been ‘following along’ with the FX episodes all summer courtesy of the weebernet. All I have to say is “whoa” (yeah, like Joey on Blossom but a lil more spooky-like).

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  1. gusgreeperThursday, August 31st, 2006 — 1:05pm PDT

    i can’t wait for rescue me on DVD im so lazy i haven’t started to steal it offf..i mean watch it yet.

  2. LoLo D.Thursday, August 31st, 2006 — 7:51pm PDT

    on DVD?! It’s on Showcase right now. Season 3 started this week (according to Lisa).

  3. Miss 604Thursday, August 31st, 2006 — 8:03pm PDT

    season 1 is on dvd, season 2 is wrapping up on showcase, season 3 is wrapping up on FX and starting on showcase :p

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