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On our way to the Pride Parade last weekend [604] I was handed a ‘free gift’ by a marketing street team. I did not refuse the ‘free gift’ and state: “bloggers have some kind of higher standard” and “I cannot be bought”! [metblog]. I gladly put it in my purse and I tried it out for the first time this morning.

The giveaway was a Schick Quattro [Schick]. I’ve always been a Schick girl, Gillette was never right for me, and although the waxes and tweases are the most effective, when it comes to a regular every day shave, Schick is where it’s at. The only complaint I would have about the lovely hot pink razor would be that it sure did a number on my arm pits. It was a bit of overkill and I’m scared to put on deodorant for fear of stinging.

The reason I’m talking about free gifts that shave my parts beautifully? Well I also received my Nokia 6682 [nokia] this week, with ALL the bells and whistles. For more info about the ENTIRE buzz marketing [matchstick] debacle I’m sure you can look at any Vancouver blogger’s site because they have probably already covered it — saying how horrible the plot is or how great it is to get free stuff. I’ve also linked to one of the numerous debates on the topic held on Metroblogging Vancouver (as at the top of this post).

My point is, if it’s a free razor or a free phone – I like free stuff. I’m going to try taking pics with my phone because I’ve never had a phone with a camera of this caliber before – AND – I don’t even have my own digital camera (although I abuse John‘s often).

Being newly married and still new to this whole life with John, we don’t have a lot of extra dough lying around. So if you want to hand me a free Quattro on the street or mail me $500 worth of phone goodies, sure. Why not?

The pic above is taken with the phone, and don’t worry – it was just for this post, I wasn’t shaving dry :p I’ll have pics taken with the phone up on my flickr in the near future. John’s are up and tagged accordingly [John’s flickr]

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  1. gusgreeperSunday, August 13th, 2006 — 1:50pm PDT

    sucks im with stupid fido so i couldn’t get the phone 🙁 booooo urns.

  2. Miss 604Sunday, August 13th, 2006 — 4:22pm PDT

    it came with a rogers sim card, so if you ever wanted to switch and go with them, i know someone who could hook you up 😉

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