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Last night was our first absence from the fireworks so far this year. Instead of heading down to the beach we walked around town in the opposite direction just imagining what clueless tourists must be thinking about all the explosions echoing throughout the downtown core.

This morning the Vancouverite realized that hockey talk never ends [vancouverite] and featured my long time girl-crush, Rachel McAdams [vancouverite]. Michelle’s been telling me for weeks that she keeps running into Pierce Brosnan around town, now we know why.

Work’s been busy lately, it’s our ‘busy time of year’. Actually, we have 4 of those… but I digress.

This weekend the weather is looking rather promising. We might possibly maybe meet up with DaveO [uncleweed] and Saturday morning will be strictly dedicated to the beach [beach times]. Sunday we’re planning on enjoying all the festivities surrounding the Pride Parade [VPS] and Monday, wow – I dunno. This long weekend kinda crept up and we really didn’t plan for it…

Yesterday, Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed raised the question of podcasting [VCOE]. I immediately IM’d John [RadioZoom] to get him to comment since it was an idea he’s been tossing around for a little while now. Definitely, I’m all for it. VCOE is hilarious, intelligent and insightful when it comes to the Canucks and anywhere else in the NHL world. I also read on there that Paul Kukla over at Kukla’s Korner [KK] landed a gig with [nhl blog] – sweet! Wish I could get me a better job through doin’ all this (sorry, I’d have to leave you Laura [Lolo].

I start work at 7am starting tomorrow until next Friday. I’ll lose some beauty sleep but I think getting off at 3pm on the upcoming hot sunny warm days will be worth it.

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  1. LoLo D.Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 — 7:09pm PDT

    Beach on Saturday morning, eh? With DaveO? That better not mean that you’re taking him anywhere near the “spot”. That information is not allowed to be shared. You have to have written permission first. 😉

    I know what I’m going to be doing this long weekend… working. Yeah, I’m the dummy that took the on call shift without looking at the calendar. Oh well, at least I won’t have to run to the office if something comes in. 🙁

    So, I’ll see less of you in the next week? Hmmmm, it’s gonna be like a mini vacation for me. Just no text messaging me if you’re bored before Chris gets in. 😛

  2. Miss 604Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 — 7:14pm PDT

    I’m pretty sure I took May long weekend AND I was on call for Canada Day. It would be nice if neither of us had to work this weekend seeing as how I’ve worked those holidays and you have several shifts in a row. Hmm… what’s Chris up to ? :p

  3. JohnFriday, August 4th, 2006 — 5:38pm PDT

    The spot isn’t really all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s just close an a good escape route, and that’s what makes it good.

    And I would think that a weekend spent doing work would be perfect for you, Laura. It’s like your second home. :p

  4. LoLo D.Sunday, August 6th, 2006 — 1:11am PDT

    I don’t know, John. You didn’t really give it a chance. You kind of just breezed on by it.

    Besides the extra money kind of makes the having to possibly work worth it. I mean, who couldn’t use some extra money for doing nothing more than carrying an extra cell phone for a week? Talk about easy money.

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