ready to crash

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Spent time with my sister, her kids and my mom yesterday. It was completely awesome but completely tiring. John and I have barely been home in the last two weeks and it shows. Lack of sleep and lack of down time is really starting to wear on us.

Tuesday night we went to the Metroblogging Meetup at Library Square Public house [mbv]. There were only a few people there but it was still good. Finally met our fearless leader, Jeffery Simpson, and spent more time with Ryan, Maktaaq, Keith, Matt and Jonathon.

Yesterday (after stuffing our faces all day with pulled pork, corn dogs, candy apples and scones) we met up with Preston for his ‘I’m outta bankruptcy so I’m going to buy you all a big expensive dinner’ dinner. Saw some people I haven’t seen since before I went to Boston and ate soooo much Chinese seafood.

I need a nap. It shows. I wrote about toilets this morning [mbv].

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