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what's new pussycat

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We’re watching the Wedge [much music] as we usually do on Friday nights at 8:30pm… [604-wedge][604-wedge] well, if we’re not out n’ about…. the only other things on TV are TLC makeover shows and infomercials. The first tune they played was Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol [.com]. How much does it suck that the concert […]

i've had enough

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Dear Internet, I need a new job. I’d settle for something that’s even slightly more than I make right now (which is peanuts) and that has potential for growth (since right now there’s none) . I’m a hard worker, skilled, experienced etc. I’m just tired of a lot of things that I don’t want to […]

a rough n tumble RadioZoom #105

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Again with the soundseeing! John [audihertz] and I venture into the woods for some good dirty fun. Complete with walking on rotten stumps, climbing trees, prickly twigs, sticky leaves, bugs in our hair and scrapes on our knees. Listen to the mp3 here & visit RadioZoom Episode #105 for the show notes and more podcast […]

so tell it like a chronicle

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Last night was our first absence from the fireworks so far this year. Instead of heading down to the beach we walked around town in the opposite direction just imagining what clueless tourists must be thinking about all the explosions echoing throughout the downtown core. This morning the Vancouverite realized that hockey talk never ends […]

times is the new courier

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This week at work our proprietary software got an overhaul. The changes are all for the better, all to make our jobs easier but man, they take some getting used to.One of the main ‘upgrades’ was to a basic client-specific form that we print out for every job that we do. Some fields were changed, […]