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new look razzle dazzle

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Super quick post about the new look. My wicked banner-maker-husband dude [audihertz] hooked me up again so I changed my colour scheme to make it all look nice n’flowy. I’ll be updating again in a couple months, probably with a nice shiney ‘welcome to hockey season’ theme.

i'm as liquid as the sea

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John and I haven’t been to the Fogg since the last Canucks game of the season (and MAN that was AGES ago). During that last visit, our frequent beer-filler-upper-server guy led the two of us over to their ‘swag cabinet’ and let us raid it since we’d been such good Canuck fans during the season […]

we feel fine

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I feel enlightened. Yesterday we laid out on the sandy shores of Third Beach, basking in the afternoon sun and listening to podcasts on John’s iPod. One of my faves, Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything [toe] featured a website called “We Feel Fine“. Since August 2005, We Feel Fine has been harvesting human feelings from […]

stay smooth vancouver

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On our way to the Pride Parade last weekend [604] I was handed a ‘free gift’ by a marketing street team. I did not refuse the ‘free gift’ and state: “bloggers have some kind of higher standard” and “I cannot be bought”! [metblog]. I gladly put it in my purse and I tried it out […]

ich ni, sleeman

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There is a nice juicy tempting piece of takeover-bid dangling in front of the faces of Sleeman Breweries‘ shareholders. Sleeman Breweries Ltd., Canada’s third-largest beer producer, agreed Friday to a $400-million takeover by Japan’s Sapporo Breweries Ltd. [cbc] First Molson gets bought out by Coors [wiki] and now this. I had a post a while […]