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ready to crash

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Spent time with my sister, her kids and my mom yesterday. It was completely awesome but completely tiring. John and I have barely been home in the last two weeks and it shows. Lack of sleep and lack of down time is really starting to wear on us. Tuesday night we went to the Metroblogging […]

because 7 8 9

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Laura and I ventured to Chinatown on our lunch break to pic up some cream/coconut buns, steamed buns and weiner buns. It was a bun-ny good time. In the meantime, I received an annonymous comment in regards to the “Andy” google search mystery (of sorts). As noted on the Drudge Report, there’s word of a […]

andy, you're a star

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I was having a bit of a grumpy morning. Last night we made some cheese bread in the toaster oven. At one point John thought someone was BBQ’ing outside but then we soon realized that a small fire has ignited under one of the slices. The butter n’ jammed toast he then made me this […]

noon, nine, and all around

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A while back I posted about the 9 o’clock gun [604] (which still makes me jump at 9pm if I’m not paying attention). Well there’s something else that happens EVERY day in Vancouver (at 12, noon on the nose) that you may or may not notice. After bringing it to my attention a few months […]