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Matthew Good’s house Friday night [604], BarCamp [bc] yesterday, why am I on the computer? I’m unsure.Just got back from a great meal and hang out time with my folks, sister, niece and nephews. We’re absolutely tired but glad we had some time for the beach this morning as well.

Hot n’ sunny, we’re in the middle of tourist season in Vancouver (although it never really goes away, it just slows down a little in the greyer months – much to Laura’s chagrin).

John [audihertz] and I have been talking about what we’ve experienced this weekend and our minds are pretty much racing. I really would (ideally) apply all of this toward some kind of magical career, which I’m certain does not exist – but a gal can dream…

Speaking of work, we’re still waiting for our dear government to approve John’s status and allow him to work in this country. For being a single income family living in downtown Vancouver I think we do pretty well when it comes to entertaining ourselves on a low-budget. Somehow I seem to keep coming across these fantastic opportunities to meet local celebs and honestly, a walk through the park to get to our favourite beach is probably our most cherished summertime activity. Cost = $0.

With Labour Day approaching, our beach days will become scarce and soon disappear until next spring. We’ll replace them with more walks through the park, trips to various corners of the city and a lot of sleeping in (I hope). Sleep is something I’m desperately lacking lately. I have to get up for work in about 6 hours. Please don’t make me do anything this week :p except maybe count down how many more sleeps until hockey starts…yeaaaaahhhhhh

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