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…she really does. But I’ll wait for her to make the announcement :p
I just posted my first Metblogs post of the week about the Pattullo Bridge [mbv]. There was another accident this morning and although I no longer have to drive across it every day, the news is always painful. I’ve blogged about the Bridge of Death before [604] and it seems like a lot of people have hit a point where they’re blue in the face from telling politicians and governing bodies that there’s no easy quick-fix for this problem – but something has to be done.

We didn’t make it out to Surrey this weekend and it’s kind of a good thing. The skytrain was under maintenance for most of Saturday and at around 6pm when we were taking it for a few stops to get to Main street it was elbow to sweaty elbow and standing-room only. A tourist couple (that were obviously on their first ride ever) asked John and I if it’s “always like this, or is this just normal for a Saturday.” I have no idea why they would conduct maintenance during such a busy time.

We only had to endure the mosh pit for 3 stops then we hopped off and took the bus up to Nat Bailey for our 2nd Canadians game in as many nights [604]. Beyond Robson [br] has a full report, although the over priced beer and hot dogs didn’t get to me as much as the waitress girl chicky in the box seats who didn’t come back to serve us after we didn’t tip her right off the bat. I didn’t know we were supposed to tip them… or at least I asked John about the protocol after we already had our beer… so soooorrrrry :p

This week is a busy one, Metblogs meetup on Tuesday [mbv] and then (if I have the date right), we have dinner with Preston on Wednesday. And of course, the long-awaited Barcamp [kk] this weekend.

Edit: So here’s Laura’s big news [LoloD]

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  1. JennyMonday, August 21st, 2006 — 11:19am PDT

    I left my house at 9am this morning , I arrived at work at 10:45. What a nightmare. I could rant all day about it but considering I was 45 minutes late for work today I better get to it.

  2. AnonymousMonday, August 21st, 2006 — 12:42pm PDT

    SOoooo sorry, JenJen, I saw the traffic jam from the skytrain at 6:30 this morning, but I was sure it would be all cleared-up by the time you had to leave for work. I should have called you.

  3. AnonymousMonday, August 21st, 2006 — 1:32pm PDT

    Just to remind you about the mishap your dad and I (and unborn older brother of yours at the time) had. We were driving across the bridge into Surrey in 1975 and my pretty little powder-blue Ford Pinto we were in was rear-ended by a dump truck, which sent us flying into the on-coming traffic, spun the car around then into the other lane of on-coming traffic. We all ended up o.k. (except my car was a total wreck) and your dad had a few stitches in his head where it had made contact with the rear-view mirror which flew off the windshield and stuck him. I was not wearing a seat belt, because I had heard it was not advisable if you are pregnant. Unborn James ended up o.k. except for a bruise on the back of his leg when he was born, but I can’t swear it was car-accident-related. I think about it often when I drive across the bridge.

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