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John and I haven’t been to the Fogg since the last Canucks game of the season (and MAN that was AGES ago). During that last visit, our frequent beer-filler-upper-server guy led the two of us over to their ‘swag cabinet’ and let us raid it since we’d been such good Canuck fans during the season (and spending at least $70 there each week while watching games). We walked away with a flag, two glass mugs and a foam finger [604].

Today was payday so of course (being the money mis-handler that I am) I took my man out for dinner and we ended up at the Fogg for old time’s sake. He quizzed me about stupid baseball while I filled him up with food and we shared two pitchers of OSB- then made it home on time to catch Rockstar:Supernova [msn].

When the season starts up we look forward (again) to many nights up there with our server pal, Andrew, and a pitcher of beer — while discussing hockey, the Canucks and definitely NOT baseball.

One more item of note while I sit here slightly inebriated, listening to old Holly McNarland tracks – Laura’s put out her Network Fall showcase. If you wanna know what time your fave show airs on what network and when, check out Laura’s blog [lolod] for all the pertinent info. I can’t WAIT for HOUSE [fox].

Also, visit our group blog – the Amazing Race 10 [AR10] for race recaps, rants and raves. Season starts September 17th.

And remember (most importantest of all) Canucks’ season starts October 5th. Bring your drinkin’ pants.

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  1. LoLo D.Sunday, August 20th, 2006 — 12:35pm PDT

    I saw FOX’s fall preview special again last night. Not all of it but I did see the “House” segment again. Apparently it’s a tragedy that I don’t watch Hugh Laurie play the brilliant, yet grumpy doctor House but if there’s time in my 06/07 schedule, I’ll give it a look. I’ve heard nothing but GREAT things about the show from my brother, parents, you & Chris and the preview made this season somewhat mysterious. And I’m always for a good mystery! 🙂

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