ich ni, sleeman

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There is a nice juicy tempting piece of takeover-bid dangling in front of the faces of Sleeman Breweries‘ shareholders.

Sleeman Breweries Ltd., Canada’s third-largest beer producer, agreed Friday to a $400-million takeover by Japan’s Sapporo Breweries Ltd. [cbc]

First Molson gets bought out by Coors [wiki] and now this.

I had a post a while back about my ‘award’ from the Canadian beer company [604] when I pointed out a typo on their website pertaining to subsidiary beer co., Okanagan Spring [604].

Now if all goes through, I wonder how the company will change. Will the beer change? If I drank Molson I may be able offer some insight about what (if anything) changed when it was taken over by Adolph and the gang, but alas, I have no clue.

There’s so much buying, selling, takeover bids, offers etc. going on in the world of business recently. (See my metblog post re: Bell Globe Media and Hockey Night in Canada) [mbv], read the news about Bell and Chum [cbc], and note the recent bid by Fortress to takeover Intrewest [cbc] – just to give a few examples. That doesn’t even cover the mining sector in the province and the kabillion other items of news my company DOESN’T cover and that I do not know about. Oh boy, what a summer.

Just wish I had some spare cash on me to walk over to the Dairy Queen right now and take-me-over a Blizzard. Now that would be sweet.

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