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Friday, August 25th, 2006 — 7:30pm PDT
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So here we are and here’s the why/how/who

[72 hours ago Matthew Good put up a post on his blog [mblog] to say that he’s inviting 20 fans to his house for an acoustic show in the living room. “It will be 20 fans, two dogs, a little security, one guitar, and that’s it.”]

Friday night in Vancouver and we’re about to witness a lil slice of Vancouver, BC, Canadian music history with Matthew Good…in his house.

7:30 pm: It smells like Bounce dryer sheets – which are apparently bad for you. Current count: 8 people, 2 dogs, a squeaky toy.

7:40 pm: For everyone concerned, the doggies will be staying in Canada at Grandma n’ Grampa’s house. Current count: 16 people, 2 doggies, 1 laptop, 1 guitar and a fan that is keeping me alive right now (after RUNNING here from BarCamp in Gastown).

7:50 pm: Out of about 280 emails, these 20 people are here from all over the lower mainland, 1 from Texas and 1 girl JUST flew out here from Edmonton this afternoon. Some are old friends, some were chosen at random. The line up of people is now trickling out into the hall way and into the solarium, which is full of boxes. We’re all sitting on the floor, cross legged – and Matt’s on a chair near the window. I just had a flashback to kindergarden – but it’s certainly not nap time.

8:00 pm: I never knew White Tower Pizza (which is actually very close to where we live) had such an interesting history :p.While sitting here telling stories of drunken times of yore, Matt’s warming up on the guitar (which he says he hasn’t touched since his last tour stop). We’re still waiting for one more person so the show hasn’t quite started yet. The pups are keeping us all pretty entertained.

8:10 pm: DJ Jazzy Jeff does not amuse easily. The warm up sounds like Near Fantastica notes mixed with loungey, country tunes with lyrics of “Benjiiii….”. The sun is going down behind the window so the room is getting dark. The pups are losing steam and everyone’s auto-flash is going off now when they take pics. There’s such a mix of people here – I wish I had beer. Some people have beer. I didn’t bring any:-(

8:12 pm: The REALLY nice guy who came here from Texas gave us beer 🙂

8:17 pm: Tripoli – he forgot the words, we’ll google them.

8:20 pm: Where has my head gone. Okay the dry eyes are becoming scarce and we’re only on song 1. Sun’s gone down and the sky is pink looking out West. Completely amazing.

8:27 pm: Pause. Mom and Dad are on the phone.

8:34 pm: Metal Airplanes. You Know it’s True/There’s Nothing I can do. The songs are peppered with the sound of B and C’s squeak toy, but still beautiful.

8:37 pm: ‘Did you get the glove?’ Just trying to come up with lighting arrangement and W from Maryland just arrived! There’s a whole whack load of people in the apartment now. Strange Days was just requested so it’s up next.

8:44 pm: Outside the window you can see balconies full of people at the hotel across the way – just wondering what’s going on in this empty apartment (full of boxes) with people sitting on the floor around a man with a guitar. Strange Days was amazing. The applause scared the pups who promptly barked and wrestled in the middle of the floor when they erupted.

8:54 pm: Banter banter funny witty fun banter. Stanley Park is a great place to live although the West End ain’t too shabby.Requests? Avalanche. One foot in front of the other….

9:02 pm: I believe the dude who runs the biggest Matt Good fan site, Near Fantastica [NF], is making a video of the performance. Matt just performed Avalanche and Benji made the high notes along with him.

9:05 pm: Prime Time Deliverance.

9:09 pm: We’re prank calling his brother.

9:16 pm: Sort of a Protest Song.
9:23 pm: Matt’s just asked for QUESTIONS from the commenters/readers of the blog. Please put them in the comments. He’s going to give me his camera so I can take some pics and upload them as we go 🙂

9:37 pm: The mood lighting is back and John’s taking pics that we’re trying to upload for you folks. Getting into a few more personal/emotional tunes right now. She’s in it for the money and love don’t mean a thing….

9:44 pm: Alert Status Red. Slowed down. Benji is the alpha dog.

9:48 pm: There are people here without hotels. People who took the first flight outta their city to get here for the show. W from Maryland just told us all that her bag is still at YVR going around the carousel because she didn’t have time to grab it and get here on time. THIS (plus the 50+ comments on my site, the MOST traffic my site has ever seen) is a testament to how much this guy means to not only Vancouver, but people all over the world. Now we’re into the airport stories….

10:07 pm: Some off the record comments about old times – a lot of which were questions asked in the comments that I’m just not at liberty to disclose via a blog (or ever really). Sorry for the top-secretness but it is out of respect. I can tell you that it’s been decided that Seth McFarlane is a genius, and that Matt prefers American Dad to Family Guy. He sorely misses the Town Pump in which he attended Pearl Jam shows ‘way back when’ along with a total of 10 other people. I am now totally blinded by flashes.

10:27 pm: Answering misc. questions and talking points:

Will miss: The edgy Vancouver that no longer exists. Empire Stadium beats BC PlaceCanada should only have 2 hockey teams: the Leafs and the Canadiens — and the Habs should be able to draft QMJHL players before ANYONE else.I just told Matt I grew up in Whalley so we reminisced about Whalley Little League & Gold n Guns.

Now playing: Fated.

10:29 pm: This is the first time in a while I’ve talked with someone who grew up in Vancouver about old Vancouver things – and it’s with Matt Good. Granted he’s got a few years on me so he remembers far more eg. seeing Whitecaps games at Empire Stadium before it got turned into a parking lot, when Yaletown was overrun with hookers, rats and unique sketchy warehouses in which to jam with your West Coast hardcore band.
10:33 pm: Matt asks if he can ‘not’ play Appartitions. We’ve allowed the pass.
10:36 pm: House of Smoke and Mirrors. (Benji sings along….again)

10:43 pm: In a World Called Catastrophe. Who on earth flies at 4am? Losers.

FYI: people in the room are calling out requests so I type what I believe he’s about to play — turned out to be something else, I was too quick to publish :p

10:48 pm: No one should do Bob Dylan but Bob Dylan. There were a few bars of Watchtower. Pause in the music, talking about the new MacBook – considering a demo. Okay, we’re going to have a Mac demo.

10:52 pm: Um, the new MacBook is neat.

10:55 pm: One more song then he’s gonna call it – we’re welcomed to stay and hang out… they just noticed a person in the alley looking up and taking pictures. We’re still missing one participant so there’s talk it could be him… or if he doesn’t look demented – I think he’s getting invited up regardless.

11:00 pm: Nope, guy in alley was just ‘guy in alley’…. with a camera.

11:02 pm: Nevermind – he’s sitting beside us right now… with his camera. He’s scared, he thought we were all yelling at him in the alley to tell him to piss off – but we were trying to figure out who he was. Um…welcome alley guy!

11:04 pm: I forgot to say hi to Lisa in NZ – Matt n’ company … said hi :p

11:07 pm: To answer a question that I can answer: what do the neighbours think? They’re over here right now (well a bunch of them at least) and having a ball.

11:12 pm: John and I have to go get steak from Olympia on Denman – we’ve been told we HAVE to try it.

11:29 pm: I think that’s it for songs tonight.

11:32 pm: will have some more answers to questions along with a video (probably, most likely, via YouTube) so check out those guys in the near future.

11:33 pm: There will be another album, do not use Bounce*. We’re signing off for the night. Time to get my pics with Matt. Good night!!

Please check out our Podcast – John and I will talk about our experience so stay tuned. AND check my flickr site in the morning, I’ll have ALL our pics up. Thanks for tuning in tonight everyone, glad I got to share this with you 🙂

12:09 am: Thoughts now that we’re home…. John should have remembered his camera cable and we should have befriended Matt a long time ago – it just took us about 9 minutes to walk home from his place :p It was an experience of a lifetime: laid back, casual, full of emotions. We’re looking forward to hearing about his travels abroad and keeping in contact with such a great Vancouverite, musician, uber interesting and super cool guy who we’d just wanna geek out with.

EDIT: (Aug. 29/06) Just a note here — the podcast is up

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  1. Kellee says:

    Yay! The party’s starting! I am keeping up with you from Great Falls Montana! Tell Matt that Kellee says hello and I’m “listening”. 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was there . . . Anyway, greetings from Ontario! You need to request Near Fantastica . . . That would sound amazing unplugged. I hope someone might tape the audio portion of the evening and post it.
    BTW: I checked out some of your pics on your flickr site . . . cool stuff.
    Have a GREAT night


  3. Anonymous says:

    have fun guys, hey whats for snack?

  4. Anonymous says:

    are you able to request songs? or does matt have his set already? saw the acoustic show in Barrie Ontario this year, it was great! wow, congratulations to everyone who was chosen!

  5. Carnival H. says:

    Thanks very much for this! Please don’t skimp any details. 😉 Hope you guys have a blast. I’m there in spirit!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was there too…. but I’m keeping up with you from Ontario as well. Have an amazing night, guys.


  7. Raygun21 says:

    I hope you all have a great time. unfortunately i could not attempt to attend tonight. I’ll be keeping up on the night’s events. Tell Matt that Lee from Nanaimo wishes him all the best in his travels. I look forward to his forthcoming book. Cheers


  8. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like things are happening! Is the air electrified? Thanks a lot for blogging this- you’re making a lot of people who can’t attend very happy. It’s very kind of you.
    Rock on guys!
    What type of guitar is Matt playing?
    -Denis Logan, Toronto

  9. Reena says:

    Tell Rod to answer his damn phone. :o(

  10. taraden says:

    I so wish that I was there. Is there anyway to get a pic up??? Pretty please!!

  11. ErikE says:


    Best to smile
    best to squal for daddy
    best to revile
    the baby jesus loves the company

    Must have lost my mind
    when i lost the car keys on my way out
    strange how you’re not with me

    Where has my head gone?
    Where do you hole up to
    mutilate the day from me?
    Where has my head gone?
    Well I felt it slip away

    Best to defile
    best to stay sleeping
    in a while
    i will awake to be a has been

    Must have lost my mind
    when i lost your heart key
    on my way out
    strange how you’re not with me

  12. greg t says:

    much love, i wish i was there, you all have a good time.

    damn you are lucky

  13. Alana says:

    Oh man, I’m getting teary just reading about it, it must be beyond incredible! I must say, Tripoli is the perfect song to start with, with or without the need for Google.

    Putting my jealousy aside, I’m so happy for everyone who was able to attend, Matt is wonderful for pulling this off and even considering it in the first place, and I hope you all adore every second of it.

    Thanks so much for live blogging it, it’s extremely appreciated. 🙂

    Hanging on your every word from Winnipeg,


  14. Aaron says:

    Sounds like a blast, wish that wasn’t such a long/expensive flight from around these parts.

    Bounce sheets bad for you? I dunno…but they keep mosquitos away.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just incredible, there must be goosebumps all around and smiles from ear to ear….just cant imagine. Oh I sure hope you got some pics. I hope he plays Apparitions……..okay update update. smiling……….

  16. Christielli says:

    You are so lucky. Thanks for the live updates!

  17. Matt says:

    Wish I could be there!!!!!

    Thanks so much for posting updates so that people like me can keep updated on this.

    When the show is done, could you have either Matt check his email or Steeve check his phone for a text message from me?

    Rock on folks!!!!!

  18. Marc says:

    Someone needs to request Suburbia, I think.


  19. taraden says:

    and generation x wing…the one song that I did not get to hear at the acoustic show that I really wanted to

  20. wow…. it sounds amazing..

    wish i wasnt in TO… wish i could see this..

    thanks for the awesome reports

  21. Anonymous says:

    Please…for a farmkid in south dakota, shut it down with “Sort of Protest Song.”

  22. pannerplant says:

    sounds like a night you’ll never forget… man, i better pop in Rooms or something to get that acoustic feel and pretend im actually there

  23. Raygun21 says:

    Prime time is my all time favorite song. I could hardly contain myself when he played it here in Nanaimo during the rescent mini accoustic tour. Way to be, Matt. Way to be.

  24. Anonymous says:

    just for the hell of it, can someone request an oldie like “Fearless”?

  25. Anonymous says:

    tell matt that jess d and corey say hi, we’ll miss him and wish him the best of luck. if he needs a place to stay if in toronto, look us up 😛

  26. greg t says:

    prime time deliverence..

    tell matt greg t from winnipeg says keep making great music.

    cheers, (clink) to matt and his venture…(sigh)..have a safe and great trip…(with a smile) make music thought provoking.

  27. LindzyPinzy says:

    ohhh Im in pain thinking about not being there..I wish I had live sound right now.

  28. Anonymous says:

    If you had to choose a 9-5 profession, what would it be? Oh, and James Lipton wants to know your favorite curse word.

  29. Matt says:

    Here’s a question for Matt…..

    where is one place in the world you haven’t been but want to go?

  30. Curtis File says:

    Hey Matt, I have a doozie for ya: What are all the chords to “House of Smoke and Mirrors” I’m going to an open mic night for my birthday on Sunday and I would love to be able to play that song. It’s one of my favorites (next to Avalanche which you also helped me out on). Also, are you ever going to do another CD, or is that sort of an up in the air thing as well? Thanks


  31. Marc says:

    Does Matt plan on recording music again and if so, will he be doing any recording while he travels around the world? Also, which song does he wish he’d never written and why?


  32. Anonymous says:

    What is he gonna miss most about Vancouver?

    Mike – Nashville (originally from Buffalo)

  33. LindzyPinzy says:

    matt I was at the victoria show it was my 15th time me and my friend Sarah have heard you play. your music has played a big part in my life and each song holds a special place in me. Every song brings back different memoried from my past. You are my all time favorite artist/songwriter
    cheers, Lindsay from Sooke

  34. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t you going to miss your family tremendously on your travels?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much Matt for doing this for your fans… I remember when I went through this horrible depression.. it was your music that got me back on my feet.

    I’ve never been in such a state of euphoric ease than when you were at Arizona’s last year and played Advertising on Police Cars… please take all the time you need to heal and come back stronger and better than before. Your fans need you… I hope that maybe just maybe you need us too!

    Take care my friend!

  36. Anonymous says:

    What is the worst part of being “Matt Good”?

    Best of luck with your travels…you will be missed!


  37. taraden says:

    Where is matt planning on travelling to first? Or does he know yet?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ask Matt what he’ll miss most about Vancouver.

  39. Anonymous says:

    pick a question for the pile:
    -what was the best/worst concert he remembers he’s played

    -what are the chances of a live record?

    -will he perform live abroad like in cafes, etc.?

    -what would his ipod playlist be to remind him of Vancouver/Coquitlam?


  40. Anonymous says:

    Who is the girl on the “underdogs” cover?

    Who was in actuality the biggest asshole in MGB?

  41. Rupert says:

    Question for Matt:

    If you could assemble a super group of musicians (dead or alive) to form a band with, who would they be, and what would they play?

    In fact, they don’t have to be musicians. They can be historical figures.


  42. Joseph says:

    I have a question!

    Do you load your own music onto your iPod, listen to yourself in private, and/or find yourself influenced by things you wrote and sung in the past?

  43. LindzyPinzy says:

    will u play with Dave Genn again?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to England(Sheffield or London?). I will be there the first two weeks of October. If you are, the pints are on me.
    from Edmonton

  45. Christopher says:

    Matt, where are you heading first tomorrow?

  46. Joe says:

    Hello, Matt.

    Do you intend on continuing with music as a career or more as an outlet for yourself, or not at all?

    The very best of luck to you, and I sincerely hope we hear great things from you in future. Meanwhile, the music you’ve already given us will continue to enhance my life for many years to come.

  47. Courtney says:

    Please find out for the rest of us rejects what the criteria was on being invited to his little shindig, you special 20 were chosen.


  48. Anonymous says:

    Could you clear the air before you go…exactly what happened with that flake who used to live with you? And, please, I’m a slow one, no talking in riddles.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hey Matt – which of the songs you’ve written is your personal favorite and why?

    Also – she’s in it for the money is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time… any chance you might release it for download or sale? It breaks my heart to listen yet I cannot turn away…

  50. jinx says:

    dear matt…

    good luck on your adventure…

    did you play “the fine art of falling apart”? or “been awhile since i was your man”?

    thank you… you are an incredible artist… my life is forever changed…

  51. Erik says:

    Good evening everyone.


    What is your fondest “on-tour” memory?

    What was the craziest on-tour experience?

    Travel Safely,

  52. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the pic. lol, the first thing that came to mind was The Barenaked Ladies, “This Old Apartment”. I’d die if Matt started singing this.


  53. Lisa says:

    tell matt that NZ says gday… it’s raining so i couldn’t stand out by the waterfront and point my ears in the direction of canada because the raindrops hitting the ocean was deafening.

  54. First off, thanks for keeping us tuned in :).

    Alright question: As a Canadian in England, how did you find the experience overall?

  55. Jason says:

    You once said that you only wrote a handful of great songs. Do you still feel that way and which songs do you consider to be your best work?

    Thanks,and good luck wherever your journey takes you


  56. jinx says:

    one more quick question…
    would you be offended if someone formed a MGB tribute band?

    i’m listening to ‘in a coma’ acoustic songs right now…
    i felt disappointed at not being there, but i’m not sad now.. this is close enough…

  57. Alana says:

    Hey Matt,

    Would you consider releasing your demos of “She’s In It For The Money”, “Dusk”, “Black Helicopter”, etc. onto one album?

    Thanks! Hope you’re all enjoying your evening! You’re perpetually awesome Matt, all the best to you. 🙂


  58. J. says:

    Thanks for blogging all of this. What an awesome experience it must be to be there. Not too many other artists would do such a thing, which makes it all the more special.

  59. greg t says:

    matt this is the best thought provking Juxtaposition I have ever read (swigs his beer)…

    Requiem Majoris

    Lurking beneath the headlines and fear mongering that daily clutters the screens and front pages lay the unborn parasites of this ever-evolving crusade against the heathenish evils of our time. And as the plebeian masses devour the fired chicken and triple burger poisons thrust upon them to assuage their economic depravity, they sleepwalk through these days and nights wary only of those clamors taught them. And as the stars shine down on the silent cul-de-sacs and empty strip mall parking lots in this parochial Eden of ours, the villains made of our peerless prerogative are paid off at the dark ends of alleys for the iniquitous labours that surely must be undertaken in the name of global manumission.

    We are not mocked. For to suffer history’s predilection for decline without so much as kicking at the ground is to never have existed at all. Our music, our literature, our religion – death rattles, whispers drowned beneath the intoxicating seduction of Earth’s orgasmic exasperations. And the weary students who dream only of lives lost in extravagant inaneness, who endure these boring lessons of destruction’s euphoria, parade themselves as polished prisoners through the streets, championing the lionized vocation of our time – willful ignorance.

  60. ErikE says:

    Great effort Rebecca (and anyone else involved) for bringing the experience to those of us not able to attend.

    I can attest…my bags were in my car at work here in Portland ready to drive up on a dime.


  61. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like you are have a fantastic time. If you get the opportunity, ask him if he has a favorite attraction at Disneyland. I am going there tommorow and would love to have a ride for him.
    I do wish I was there. Please tell him Northernlady from Prince George says hi!

    Thank You

  62. Anonymous says:

    Question~ What is going to be the first book you crack on your travels and what will your ears be listening to?

    From Williams Lake

  63. Mindy says:

    Hi Matt.

    I probably missed question time, oh dear! (What Not To Wear wasn’t even that good)

    Actually I don’t even have a question, so it doesn’t matter. If you even read this, I just want to wish you all the best during your travels.

    You, Melissa and Ani made my soggy night at the Folk Festival in Calgary.


  64. jinx says:

    k, i’m a liar. i said in my last comment, “just one more question” but i’m really curious…

    is ‘the night opus’ a true story?
    ‘at last there is nothing left to say’ is a fantastic book…

    greetings to everyone at the party, both live and online… i’m the guy wearing the funny tie…

  65. LindzyPinzy says:

    how cute we are all such dedicated fans waiting to read each update on this concert that we all wish we were at. We might as well talk to eachother right?

  66. I want to thank you for the live blogging! I moved in January from the Lower Mainland to England for a year and a half, otherwise I’d have jumped at the chance to try for this!

    I do want to say how much your activism and music has meant to me over the years…definitly opened my eyes to the world around me and led to some of the things I’m active in myself…kind of the little push if you will. The music holds a lot of special meaning for various reasons, but Beautiful Midnight is a special link to a good friend I lost…it was his favourite album and I spend a lot of time listening to those songs when I want to remember him most.

    Again, best of luck in your travels (if you come to the UK again England RULES!!) and finding what you’re looking for :).

  67. Jason says:

    is everyone listening to mg right now? it has become to painful so i’m listening to some cat power which im going to sunday! favorite mg memories? I’v always enjoyed the energy of the commodore shows.I have had a number of bad mg experiences, but the shows there were always memorable.

  68. LindzyPinzy says:

    Im actually listening to the hip instead. its too painful to listen to matt I agree

  69. Anonymous says:

    I sure am listening to MG… Everything about him has such energy its hard to walk away from his music or blogs… I’m a proud MG fan…. I’ve been on here for three hours now.. HAHA.

    from Williams Lake

  70. LindzyPinzy says:

    i only mean its painful cause I want to BE THERE! I had to turn it off cause Im getting depressed not being there:(

  71. Jason says:

    I aquired a horrible cold this morning so perhaps its good that i’m home in bed instead

  72. Anonymous says:

    I think we all feel that way…


  73. Jason says:

    i forgot to add that matt must see “little miss sunshine” i saw it for a third time and its the cutest funniest film in a long time!

  74. jinx says:

    will you be posting the answers to the questions online? or are they top secret too?

    either/or.. i’m not fussy… just real happy to be here.. floating in the ether with all of you…

  75. Matt says:

    Let Matt know that I’m “chillin” in an apartment that’s just up the street from the good old “Gold & Guns”

    Please inform him that said business venture no longer appears to be open and that he will have to find alternative arrangements to pick up his gold and or guns 😉


  76. LindzyPinzy says:

    im am trying to listen to diff. music but because I know Fated is being played i’m actually going to put the matt good back on-IM WEAK!

  77. jinx says:

    of course you can skip ‘apparitions’. if you’re in the mood, play ‘the fine art of falling apart’.

    speaking of apparitions, i saw your show at ‘the western fair’ in london, on. i tried to show up late to avoid the opening band (bif naked) and i showed up TOO late, and only saw ‘apparitions’ and a new song called ‘avalanche’

    i’ll see the opening band every time from now on

  78. jinx says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  79. LindzyPinzy says:

    this pary is causing anxiety…I can’t stand to stay yet I can’t leave

  80. Jason says:

    haha, doesnt even know the song being played?

  81. Anonymous says:

    Cut her some slack….she has been doing a wonderful job!

  82. LindzyPinzy says:

    thats what I figured- your doing great:)

  83. Anonymous says:

    What about Black Helicopter? Great song.

    Dan from the Isle

  84. Anonymous says:

    you know, this reminds me of the few times Matt participated on live online chats. So many people would post up questions to which Matt had the challenge to answer or avoid. Wow, chat rooms sound old skool now with podcasts and multitasking cell phones.


  85. LindzyPinzy says:

    where is matt going first off?

  86. jinx says:

    please please please please
    could you keep blogcasting the party after matt’s done even if he’s not playing music?

    i don’t want this to end…

    but you’re going offline, please at least say goodbye to us…

  87. LindzyPinzy says:

    yes please please come say hi mattt

  88. i hope he played “So Long Mrs. Smith”

    it’d just fit the mood soo well

  89. Anonymous says:

    must be the papparazzi
    lurking in the alley

  90. Anonymous says:

    What do Matt’s neighbours think of all this?

    Anyone yelling or banging asking to keep it down yet?

  91. LindzyPinzy says:

    hmmm.. tell matt good night Im out:) thanks

  92. LindzyPinzy says:

    welcome to visit sooke anytime!

  93. Anonymous says:

    how cool would that be to have Matt Good as your neighbor.

  94. jinx says:

    if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em baby!

  95. Matt says:

    sounds like one of those “once in a lifetime” moments……

    I’m sure Matt is as happy to be a part of it as all of you are…..

    btw, is his techie/buddy Steeve there?

  96. Anonymous says:

    Thank you ultimate blogger and MG for a great night! Good night from Williams Lake……


  97. Drew says:

    Oh my god I was going to stalk the party too… I would have been invited up? Always go with your gut instinct..I just want to say goodbye! great job Rebecca.. thank you so much you should be proud of yourself.

  98. Lisa says:

    haha. fucking awesome. i’m going to turn to the ocean now and throw some goats. not literally… goats are nice animals and shouldn’t be thrown…

  99. jinx says:

    i actually called ‘olympia’ on denman to see if you had been there… the poor girl on the phone thought i was nuts!

    is ‘olympia’ within walking distance to matt’s? cuz you might get a few more party crashers skulking in the bushes near the restaurant 🙂

  100. jinx says:

    what was the last song?

    are there any final words?

    are you done? please let us know,
    because i’ll be here til the bittersweet end…

  101. jinx says:

    good night, and thanks again!!!

  102. Lisa says:

    that was cool rebecca… granted i went out and had lunch and bought some records and visited my dog… but now i’m all caught up and even got a shout out. send him down to the south pacific and we’ll sort him out. say hi to steph too.

  103. jinx says:

    oh god, what’s wrong with me?
    i can’t leave… i just stare blankly at the screen, clicking ‘refresh’ every once in awhile…

    this is ridiculous

  104. Alana says:

    Huge thanks to both Matt and Rebecca for allowing us all to take part this evening.

    There may only have been a handful of people there tonight, but thanks to both of you, there were hundreds of people in that living room tonight.

    Again, thanks so much for doing this. 🙂

  105. Anton says:

    we’re actually 😀

  106. Anton says:

    also that was awesome.

  107. Anton says:

    not a prob! you did a really awesome job on this

  108. Anonymous says:

    awesome work – funny about the guy in the alley

  109. sam says:

    Beautiful and thank you for writing about this experience. Yes, thank you.

  110. What a plethora of fantastic ideas! Matt’s idea and generosity, hosting a show in his apartment, your doing the live blog. I feel as though I was there. Thanks for this. You did a very nice, very lovely thing.

  111. goldmourn says:

    thank you for liveblogging this!

  112. Binsk says:

    Cool. That was a neat recap.

    I come from Zona’s blog.

  113. Alex says:

    that sounds amazing.
    (especially the guy in the alley. awesome!)

  114. Thanks for the liveblog, miss604.

    Reminescing of things past when Vancouver was once described as “a view waiting to become a city”?

    Robsonstrasse: the stretch between Burrard and Thurlow, where as a wae laddie, I could walk into a European deli and order just-made gelbwurst on fresh rye. Then walking back to the original Hon’s on Main for a fresh bowl, when it was just the one, and when it wasn’t just for the hipsters.

    The old rail tracks that had not yet been dug up out of the streets just east of Chinatown, where I grew up.

    False Creek and the ol’ waterfront were dumps, but what playgrounds they were for the lads.

  115. […] let’s all share our dreams Filed under: Blogger, personal, walks, beach times — Miss604 August 27, 2006 @ 12:26 pm Matthew Good’s house Friday night [604], BarCamp [bc] yesterday, why am I on the computer? I’m unsure.Just got back from a great meal and hang out time with my folks, sister, niece and nephews. We’re absolutely tired but glad we had some time for the beach this morning as well. […]

  116. JUST A FREIND says:

    hey matt how is liffe?

  117. […] The Matthew Good living room show was mentioned in the article but I was actually invited to Live Blog then John & I did a Podcast to recap it later. I have that trusty little box on the sidebar with the links as well so feel free to check it out, if you haven’t already. […]

  118. […] John and I got to hear a choice sample of tunes for the new album when we hung out with Matt a couple of weeks ago. He also played a couple during the acoustic living room show in August. If you’re a fan of his, or of his music genre in general, you will not be disappointed. He’s gone back into the studio and since I don’t have many more details, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves – all courtesy of Dan Lilly, visit his Flickr or blog for more. […]

  119. […] being the live blog of Matthew Good’s living room performance back in August [Miss604]. Seth Godin recently made some valid points about liveblogging as a medium – something he observed […]

  120. […] about town (like Roland Tanglao and Kris Krug). That night was also my first live blog over at Matt’s house and the next day I continued the live blogging at BarCamp, which has only led to dozens […]

  121. […] In August of 2006 I was invited to do my first live blog and it just happened to be in Matthew Good’s living room. […]

  122. […] room show, I threw a chew toy, Casey would retrieve it, I would get slobber on my hand (while live blogging) and the rest is history. Photo credit: Keira-Anne on […]

  123. […] was two years ago that a guy came up to me at Northern Voice and told me he enjoyed my live blog from the previous summer. We chatted about that event, about the conference, and he said he was going to head out and buy a […]

  124. […] my fourth annual BarCamp and I must say, the first BarCamp Vancouver in 2006 changed my life. I did my first live blog that weekend and met some amazing people whom I still communicate with, admire, and look […]

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