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Laura and I ventured to Chinatown on our lunch break to pic up some cream/coconut buns, steamed buns and weiner buns. It was a bun-ny good time. In the meantime, I received an annonymous comment in regards to the “Andy” google search mystery (of sorts).

As noted on the Drudge Report, there’s word of a major shake up over at Saturday Night Live [snl] which will see four cast members lose their jobs.

WHAT’s going on be hind the scenes at “Saturday Night Live” this month may be more dramatic than any thing you’ll see on the two prime-time shows starting this fall based on the famed late-night comedy.

Four cast members are about to be fired – they know who they are, but the public doesn’t. [NY Times].

Andy Samberg [wiki] is rumored to be one of the ‘safe’ ones and for all those looking, there’s a pic for you above 🙂

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