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August? A busy month? Yeah man, B-U-S-Y. I just wrote all my August “I’m doing things today” dates on a mini post-it and stuck it to my monitor at work. I know there’s calendars, day planners, etc for all that but really – can we ever get tired of the simplicity and ease of using a sticky piece of neon-blue paper to scream tidbits of info at you on a daily basis? Nuh uh.

Here’s a list of a few fun n’ happy things happening this month.

August 18th – Scored us some complimentary tickets to a Canadians game [audihertz]. I took the day off so we’re gonna catch the nooner vs Boise (who are somehow affiliated with the Cubs, so John would have me believe).

August 18th – Later that evening WorkSpace [abetterplacetowork] is having their unveiling. It’ll be a great opportunity for John and I to rub elbows with local techy, bloggy, businessy elbowy-rubbing type people and to check out the WorkSpace environment. If John had his status [audihertz] and was able to work on projects and such things, this is totally something he would want to get on board with. *sigh*

August 25th – BARCAMP! I’ve already made a blog post about this [604] informative, networky, hopefully super fun event for local bloggers, podcasters, geekies, photogs etc. Again, another chance to meet some interesting people in the community. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and I’ve never really been up on promoting the blog, and even writing this I feel kinda weird about doing so. Maybe I’ll be getting a little recognition (although I’m not the techiest or the craziest or the pretty-picturest out there) during the Barcamp sessions.

The only other date to add would be the Metblogs meetup, if and when everyone can decide on a date. In my mind #1 right now is the 15, um because it’s payday. giddy up.

I think I completely failed to mention on here (although it was mentioned in the podcast [radiozoom]) that we met up with Dave Olson aka Uncle Weed to watch the fireworks last Saturday. John kinda blurted out that I was nervous about Barcamp, to which Dave said I have no reason to be. It’s kinda intimidating to me. I’d like to think Dave’s right though, maybe I’m just being a lil shy…

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  1. GhostyThursday, August 10th, 2006 — 11:49pm PDT

    Hey does this mean I’ll be seeing some other friendly faces at the workspace unveiling? woo hoo 🙂

  2. Miss 604Friday, August 11th, 2006 — 7:07am PDT

    you betcha. as long as nothing happens that afternoon at the canadians game… i hear those can get pretty rowdy :p

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