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In the middle of session #2 at BarCamp.Already my head is swimming with ideas and ramblings. I’m realizing that I have a lot more input that I thought I would. We’re in the middle of talking about podcasting. Roland just said: “we’re at the Geocities and Angelfire of podcasting.” It’s still such a new thing but it’s becoming possible for joe-blogger to point, click and publish a podcast.A hot topic right now is, what’s the point? Would people prefer reading transcripts of podcasts? It’s faster to read than to listen. Who listens to archive audio? What’s wrong with podcasting? What’s right?I’m also coming to the conclusion that I CAN really apply some of the notes, thoughts, opinions and ideas acquired today within my current job. Especially what I just heard about in regards to digital archiving and content management. There’s SO MUCH my company could be doing and first thing Monday I’m going to be sending my boss a bit fat long techy type email filled with stuff that will go right over her head but at least I’ll put it out there and make myself feel somewhat useful.

The 120 of us are split up into multiple sessions and discussion groups – we’re headed to #3 right now and I swear 90% of people here, milking the wireless, are using Macs…. maybe John can convert me afterall.

Session 3: AdHack.com – more blogging to come. I should have just given into the fact that as of Friday evening, I’ll be officially blogging the ENTIRE weekend – but damn.. it’s all sooooo worth it :p

Noteworthy: www.blogaholics.ca has some video of the event so far. John also has pics up on his Flickr.

Looks like there were about 100 pizzas ordered – lunch time now, then back to the sessions. I think the next one we’re going to join will be about creativity and using your brain. Um, that’s always ….. good. Right now we’re done eating and just geeking out with my fellow Metroblogger [mbv], Ryan [wiredcola] about podcasting, various sites, YouTube, cell phones and giggling at our site meter stats that have recently gone through the roof.

Edit: My eyes have told me that I should no longer be in front of a computer so for all the geeky, dirty details, head over to John’s blog [audihertz] for a couple BarCamp posts.

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  1. jinxSaturday, August 26th, 2006 — 11:32am PDT

    you MUST MUST MUST switch to mac…
    just get an older one, they’re still great…
    hardware is expensive, there’s there’s a great online community sharing software…

    lots of luck…. 🙂

  2. LoLo D.Saturday, August 26th, 2006 — 3:56pm PDT

    Eeek! That’s where you were going when you woke me up at 7:45am this morning?! I should have figured since you were wearing your BarCamp t-shirt (uh, duh – sorry, brain doesn’t work on only 5 hours of sleep). Didn’t mean to interrupt the fun with the phone calls.

    PS – good job on the Matthew Good. I know how excited you were and I’m happy it was everything & more than you thought/dreamed it would be.

  3. GusSaturday, August 26th, 2006 — 5:34pm PDT

    Just remember the Boss is on her way for 3 weeks of holidays. My suggestion (how good it might be) is to send it off to our IT big man Ronald.

    Yeah great job on the Matthew Good blog last night.

  4. SoultranceSunday, August 27th, 2006 — 5:36pm PDT

    Man, the more and more I read about this BarCamp thing the more and more I wish I would have known about it in time to go, it sounds like it was really fun and the list of people that went looks like it’d be great for learning some new stuff.

    Oh well, maybe next time.

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